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Unexpected MRI results

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by birder, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. birder

    birder Well known member

    Well, I'm in a bit of a tizzy today. As I mentioned in earlier posts, over the summer I was hit by a car and broke my fibula, and after two months going to an excellent orthopedist, the bone had healed and I was out of the boot and released to physical therapy. PT was initially helpful and I was soon walking again, but began to have pain around the inner part of the ankle (break was on outer part). It felt like soft tissue/muscle pain and improved with massage. I hadn't yet identified my issues as TMS, so I agreed to an MRI to rule out any tears, bone chips etc. Did the MRI on 12/28 and began to exercise more, with steady improvement, even jogging a little bit every day with my dog.
    Got a message from my doc and went in this morning to get the results, thinking no big deal. Well, in one way that was true: no ligament/tendon tears or bone chips, mild changes to joint as expected at my "mature" age. But then she said, "The MRI shows a non-union of the fibula." What? It's been healed for six months! The x-ray done as a prerequisite to the MRI describes the same spot as an "old, healed fracture." But the doc reading the MRI noted you could still see the line and so deemed it "incomplete."
    My bones feel terrific and the successful healing of my fibula has been something that really bolstered my spirits. Now this. I'm going back to my orthopedist with the results and hopefully will get some straight answers, preferably something like, "MRIs are not the best tool for interpreting bone healing. It's 100 percent healed." Because that's how it feels. But now I have this info in my head and I wish I didn't.
    My plan is to carry on with what I've been doing and continue my TMS education. But yikes. Not happy. Much stress and anxiety!
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I wouldn't let it bug you. I was doing some X-rays in 2014 for a non-related issue when a Dr. came in and told me "You have a broken vertabrae in your spine. It is healed. JUst thought you might want to know".

    I have had a Lot of falls since the last time any Dr. Looked at my back. I Fell into a pool learning how to drop in on the 8' side, Fell from the second story to the ground at work in '13. I got trampled in the Mosh Pit at one of my sons' concerts and probably some other accidents I am forgetting. Point is that every time one of those falls happened I was worried or concerned about something else. My Thumb, My elbow, a broken rib etc,etc. The Human body heals itself. Period. Even the setting of Bones with casts and splints is only to make sure they heal reasonable well. I still have a radii that is poorly healed on my right arm from childhood and it has never caused a problem..

    I am sure the Md.s info about my spine would have really got into my head before I read and digested Sarno and have had such a long history of seeing that virtually 99.99% of any discomfort I feel is serving another purpose.

    and I am 52 years Mature. I don't know if that makes me old. I don't feel old.

    ...but I am glad the Doctors have some new toys to play with.

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  3. birder

    birder Well known member

    I wish! Unfortunately I spent yesterday adding fuel to the TMS fire, going between high anxiety and even higher anxiety, even wondering if I was sensing a bit of aching from the HEALED bone (nope).
    This morning I got up after a restless night and said, "Screw this," then took my dog on our usual walk, throwing in some jogging to keep things interesting. Got home and did my weight work, which I confess is less therapeutic and more vanity, lol. Felt good. The painful spot - on the inner part of the ankle, not the outer - has slowly been shrinking and moving toward my big toe. Pretty soon it's just gonna disappear into space!
    That being said, I think it's important that I rule out a problem with the healing, so I have nine days to stew until that appointment. If there's an issue, I'll deal with it. If not, I'll chalk it up to "doctors and their new toys" and be on my way. In the meantime, I'd better double up on my reading and SEP!
    Thank you, Baseball65, for talking me down. My adrenaline was working overtime.
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