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Uneven jaw/ misaligned teeth TMJ help

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Pinkyandthebrain, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. Pinkyandthebrain

    Pinkyandthebrain New Member

    Wiki peeps,

    I have had neck pain as long as i can remember a stiffness on both sides. Sometimes pain but also a feeling that it needs to be cracked! In my shoulders also and now in recent years my jaw and face on the right side as well as my left hip. I am basically pretty uncomfortable all over much of the time. I am also worried my missaligned bite is effecting my whole body. I am a dance teacher so needles to say this would be a bit of a disaster for me.

    I am in the process of trying to feel all my repressed grief, sadness rage. And god is there allot there. Crazy and at times quite scary to release! But hopefully this does mean it is just tms.

    What i am finding hard also is that my face has changed on the side that my jaw clenches. Oh the vanity!!! I hate it. And i think this scares me even more. It also makes it harder to ignore as i can see it.

    Just looking for some reassurance on cures related to tmj. Will my face go back to normal? Anyone else had the the jaw, shoulder, hip stiffness combo?

    thank you!!!

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