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Typical TMS sufferer? My profile described

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by michael92, May 18, 2018.

  1. michael92

    michael92 New Member


    My problems have arisen during the completion of an assignment for school; within a short time I almost retyped a whole book with tense shoulders. The physical therapist said at the time that there were a lot of knots / bumps in my muscles; she has massaged them. Only the complaints were not solved.

    Disease progress

    It started in my forearm when typed too much under pressure. Then it also found its way in my elbow, jaw (brushing teeth the wrong way, to spare my arms) and neck (the shoulders are reasonably spared in a miraculous way). After operating devices with my leg and driving (too long the same posture or too cramped apparently) it came into my shin, inside knees, thighs, in the muscles around my seat. Last year (also the year in which my mother died due to cancer) it has expanded further; first my pelvis (pain around bladder) and stomach (stomach acid, cramp in the intestines), and later other parts of my neck, eyes (often dry eyes, and in the beginning pain while checking objects nearby) and the muscles around my skull. I noticed that it is also all around my torso.

    Every time I run the risk that my complaints spread to new parts of my body (expanding) when I ignore the pain at some location. Also, often there is a reason why it starts at a new location: through local misuse of muscles or a convulsive posture (or using muscles too convulsively) at that location. It often starts with itching that later turns into pain. Sometimes I can see spasms in real life; then I see my muscles moving without controlling it.

    Personality traits

    I am anxiously built (for example, pay attention to what you eat 'because otherwise ...') and was often afraid of getting my symptoms worse and expanding to new places (but now I realize that it is now in almost every part of my body so the expanding should some time stop I guess). I have been afraid during certain experiences in the past (vibrating from fear on the couch for example), but the initiating moment was stressful school assignment. Furthermore, I can quickly get frustrated, and sometimes I can be angry. I notice that the muscles get stuck more quickly if I have to finish something on time and thus when I feel stressed. Furthermore, I have characteristics of hyperacusis (and tinnitus because of sound trauma) and /or misophonia.

    What worries me is that actually everything in life is not unconditional; in terms of study, work, social contacts, there are always penalties for poor performance. I notice that I can really let go of everything (e.g., on an organized trip) I feel much happier. I was kind of a perfectionist, but I try not to be anymore. Furthermore, I also think that everything should be done efficiently and it is hard to accept doing nothing (putting myself under pressure again). On general, I radiate peace and quiet (and can have relaxing moments).

    Last year I was pretty disappointed in life; the unfairness of life, its limited malleability, and the control you have on life is limited. With regard to my mother: sticking to protocols in the health care system, doctors who do not cooperate fully, and those doctors who are not willing to think outside the box and those that make mistakes. These things have made me more emotionally flattened and feeded my idea of that many things and relationships are temporary (eventually you lose it once). I do the daily things a lot more relaxed now; I take life more when it comes; try to make less high expectations of myself; if I get fired: so be it.

    Factors that influence the symptoms

    Fitness excersises (going to the gym) often goes well and sometimes seems to give temporary relief (1 or 2 days) if I do not suffer from it at the beginning; otherwise it will worsen. It is possible that a warm-up contributes positively to this. When I am injured for a certain moment, I will take some rest (using or ignoring the body part makes things worse)

    I notice that I am very sensitive to heat; at 24 degrees (C; 75F) or more the symptoms disappear almost completely (and I can sit behind the computer without long sleeves). The joints / muscles will no longer crack. There is therefore no need to crack it manually by stretching for example (normally that is a relief). In the morning I often wake up cracking and all muscles have to be loosened. In fact, that is not so bad with warm weather. An orgasm causes stiffness (and pain) everywhere in the body and I often need to crack different muscles (over and over again for a few days). In warm weather, this stiffness is a lot less. I thought that I had symptoms that could be explained by POIS (Postorgasmic Illness Syndrome), but since these complaints also react positively to warm weather, it seems to have more similarities with TMS. Because of the positive effect of heat, I also hate cold weather.

    Sometimes I have such a oppressive feeling around my torso (especially between the shoulder blades). Then my ribcage creaks (sometimes I feel dizzy and nauseous) and then I can make some relief by breathing deeply (and then apparently stretching certain muscles).

    Medical examinations

    I once had a nerve conduction test in my legs, but nothing came out of that. Recently I had a check for my stomach; all organs were found to be good; only some air that was stuck (due to stiff muscles I think?).


    I read the book by dr. Sarno in 2010 but I have not done anything with it until now. I used to say to myself 'this pain is fake,' but that has not helped anything. Soothing and somatic tracking seems to help a bit. It seems that my pain is mainly muscle-related: if I hit myself with a hammer on my thumb, these pain symptoms will not be there. I usually have a good night's sleep; I often know exactly what I can or cannot do to have as few complaints as possible so that I do not suffer when sleeping and doing my computer work (unless it is cold or when I am not covered fully by warm clothes). I also notice that there is a kind of memory for my pain; if I adopt exactly the same posture and use the mouse in the normal way (the exact same posture when I contracted this ‘disease’), I often get a burning painful feeling. Sometimes when I am in the wrong position, I can have a pain or oppressive feeling for a few days (and consequently I am frustrated / angry).


    I am especially curious if a therapist recognizes these symptoms and maybe gives me a push in the right direction. I also like to hear reactions from people who have a TMS diagnosis and are very familiar with this description. Eventually I want to live again and do everything without pain (e.g., some gaming, driving the car). Am reasonably convinced that I have TMS (and would regret afterwards that I have not looked into it more deeply: all that elapsed time that could have been pain free).
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  2. HattieNC

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  3. michael92

    michael92 New Member

    Hi there, most of my symptoms are gone. Sometimes some eyelid twitching. When I get frustrated or angry it hits me back immediately. Nowadays, I do care less when I am in pain.
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