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Two articles in Huffington post about pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by dabatross, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. dabatross

    dabatross Well known member

    Hey guys,

    Wanted to share two articles I found in Huffington post about chronic pain and emotions/anxiety:


    It's great to see this stuff is becoming more and more mainstream as the days go on because the treatments for what we have is going to get better with it. It pisses me off reading the comments on some of these articles because there are so many people out there knocking this as being B.S. and they have no idea what they're talking about. The classic "the pain is not in my head it's real" argument people keep throwing in there. I can't understand if you've been in pain for years and nothing physical has helped why you wouldn't be open to this treatment.

    I also found it really interesting in the Math Anxiety and Pain article that just anticipating the math problems having to be solved by you creates physical pain. If Math anxiety can create physical pain then all anxiety can as well.

    One of the big reasons I haven't been on here in a while is because I've been trying to keep my focus off the pain as best as I can and talking about it every day kind of keeps your mind on it. One website I wanted to share that has tons of great info is anxietycentre.com. I joined that site a couple months ago and read through all of the articles. It's amazing to see how similar the treatment for anxiety is compared to TMS the treatment is almost identical. Stress reduction as much as possible, deep relaxation, meditation, exercise, etc. It just shows how closely linked anxiety/TMS are and they are somewhat the same thing just with a different name. Maybe you will find it helpful
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