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Trying to avoid my pain pills

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by DieMond128, May 18, 2018.

  1. DieMond128

    DieMond128 New Member

    I'm new to TMS, like it's only been 24hrs. I've been reading and researching. My glute and leg spasms have been out of control since my first Expressive Writing session last night and I'm struggling not to take my pain pill right now. I need advice on how to push through.
  2. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Dear DieMond128, sometimes pain killers are ok. I use them not often, but if I have to function at work and I have really bad pain, it helps. Pain killers are crutches. That you react like this to your first expressive writing session is a very good sign. It's actually a move forward! Keep going but don't make it too hard for yourself. And try to do things that are soothing!
  3. DieMond128

    DieMond128 New Member

    I took a bath which is usually soothing but today it didn't. I've got a new symptom, nausea, and I know it's just my mind trying to hold onto my emotions. It's just so hard. I think I need to keep reading and find more coping mechanisms. Thanks for your words.
  4. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    yes, that happens that a new symptom arises. Stay calm and relax. Tell yourself that you are on a good way and you don't need to resolve all problem right now! Do something else, something you love and enjoy. For me watching a movie and knit is always good. Or - this sound a bit crazy - I like to iron :) In summer doing something in the garden makes me calmer and I love to see how everything grows.
  5. DieMond128

    DieMond128 New Member

    I'll try to think of something I can use as a distraction.
  6. MedicineWithin

    MedicineWithin Peer Supporter

    When I was going through the healing process from TMS sometimes I had to take pain killers to sleep. Some relief at least. But most times I viewed the emergence of a symptom or attack of an old one as a chance to really dig deep into my brain and show it that I was not going to give my attention to the pain. This is hard I know, but at times I viewed the pain as a chance to really make a point to the unconscious part of me that was giving me pain. These situations force us to really focus intently on the emotions that are hiding down there even though this physical symptom may be all consuming. The strength to still use your will to focus on the emotion despite all the pain can what sets you free in the end. Of course sometimes people just need a little relief, but distracting through TV, movies, phones, instagram or whatever is part of the same distraction mechanism that people use to divert themselves from their emotions or uncomfortable feelings in the first place.
    Hope this helps!

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