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Day 3 True Brain Retaliation

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ashwhee7, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. ashwhee7

    ashwhee7 New Member

    My days are a bit spread out already. I got one of the worst migraines in a while. None of my usual remedies worked and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Almost like my brain knew if I could keep my eyes open I would work on my HW for day 3. Even now as I write it resurges. Retaliation!!!

    The question today is addressing physical activity. I am in a program now to become a pilates instructor. What the questions brought to my attention is even working out with a client isn't the same as working out for myself. SO more self-care. What I love about pilates most is a group class where my brain is literally just a translator for my body to follow instructions. In those moments all my stress is gone, even my pain except for when I baby something...then my brain hyper-focuses on it and it isn't as present as it could be. Knowing there is a time where I can turn off my thinking, turn off my stressing is amazing.
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