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Day 3 trouble with "past traumas"

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ACLV, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. ACLV

    ACLV Newcomer

    So I have skipped two days of this program and plan to make up for them today. I went to the TMS list and it was really easy for me to fill out the present stressors and personality traits but I can't think of past traumas. I do regard my childhood as "happy" and always have trouble thinking back to find issues. I mean I do find little events that made me unhappy or uncomfortable but those are things that every kid goes through. My gosh, I taught 5th grade last year and most kids go through uncomfortable events every other day..They got on verbal and physical fights, they cried, etc.. I really don't remember any of these things happening to me. Anyways I'm kinda stuck on the childhood part, partly because I hardly remember things.

    Regarding the physical activity part, I've been pretty active regardless of my pain mainly because I don't have pain when I move. I just have pain when I stand, sit or walk for long periods of time. I kept away from the most challenging physical activities in part because of my job. I didn't have the energy to practice them. That changed since the summer started and last week I took my first dance class since almost 2 years. It felt awesome! I was very happy with myself because after all this time I did pretty well. The following day I didn't have any extra or different pain so i realized that it was fine. The next two activities in my list are swimming and jogging. I've kept away from swimming since it gave me extra pain on my IT bans and specially jogging, haven't tried it in forever.
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, ACLV. I think you're doing great. Your post attitude is very "up" and you're enjoying the exercise. Dancing is a wonderful way to get it. Try swimming, but I wouldn't worry about doing any jogging, or just do a little and see how you feel. Dancing and swimming would be enough.

    As for childhood memories causing your pain, it looks like you can stop thinking about them. You're a school teacher and that can be enough stress, but you may also have relationship problems (don't we all?).

    Continue the dance class, by all means. But also try to dance a little at home, with someone or by yourself. I put on the radio or listen to a CD while I do my own free-style dance. Just moving the arms and legs is good for physical well-being.

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