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Trigger Finger/Thumb a TMS disorder too?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by IceBergs, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. IceBergs

    IceBergs New Member

    I have been doing well in my journey of TMS, however I've always had a lingering ?symptom? that I've had since as long as I can remember and that's trigger thumb. My TMS I think started at this location, the thumb from this odd condition of painless clicking. (An easy TMS target since there is actual noise and more conceivable to be structural?) Now let me explain, It's not that typical type of trigger thumb where it gets stuck and locked down but just kinda has friction on it's travel down path. It is usually painless and is usually fine. It does have its run ins with soreness but it's not often as I think I have been eliminating the pain. Could TMS cause so much havoc to a tendon the point where it physically clicks? Dunno and I'm really interested to hear everyone's opinion on this topic since the condition seems to be a structural abnormality.

    Couple of notes here. Generally it gets worse the more I think about it, sometimes it differs in the tension and sometimes it can make a complete motion. It's is in both thumbs equally. The tension is inside off the knuckle, when snapped down a bizarre feeling is felt as something has been moved and feels odd but fine.

    A few times during cooking I have closed my eyes and "observed" the condition as Alan explains in his new Pain recovery Program. And telling myself that it's neural pathways and a form of TMS even though it's painless seems to do the trick, but there's just so much variation for me to tell here. Usually during this time of talking to my head I slightly bend it all the way with out a click, and at this point it usually is great and moves pretty well. However another odd thing that happens is when I'm doing something really intensive like gaming or cleaning sometimes there will be a painless click and all my attention is drawn there and seems to try and control head. So odd.
  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think I've heard Dr. Schubiner say that if a symptom is the same on both sides of the body, it is likely TMS. Also, if it moves from side to side.

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