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Trigger Finger- Symptom Imperative?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by venice, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. venice

    venice New Member

    Is trigger finger a manifestation of TMS? I now have a trigger thumb- which is swollen, stuck and sore. I had back pain for 14 years, did countless things to try to help the pain, and then I found “Healing Back Pain” by Dr Sarno and the pain went away within a month. It came back off and on for about 18 more months and I did journaling, listened to people’s testimonies, read more TMS books, etc. before it went away COMPLETELY. But I have had many different symptom imperatives since then in succession (acid reflux, rashes, debilitating anxiety) and now trigger thumb. It came on out of the blue. I woke up one morning and had it. I went through all the hoops- took Advil, went to the doctor, got xrays and bloodwork (no breaks, arthritis or inflammation), took Prednisone, then got a cortisone shot which lasted for 4 months and has now worn off.

    Once one symptom goes away then I get another one. If I don’t have any symptoms then I am extremely exhausted. In fact, looking back, I had countless other symptom imperatives before the back pain, during the back pain and since. It is just that the trigger thumb seems different somehow because it is actually swollen and can’t move. My back was just pain. I have started to journal again in hopes of getting at the root of the problem. I have been listening to Nicole Sachs podcasts which are helpful. I am truly tired of the merry-go-round of symptoms that never seems to stop. I never know what kind of crazy symptom is going to pop up next. I had never even heard of trigger finger. I appreciate any thoughts on whether or not this is in fact TMS and a symptom imperative.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    That's an annoying one, isn't it? Years ago, "Before Sarno" I went through a period where I had a trigger thumb, then a trigger (little) finger. Weird. I wore a splint for each one for a while, then they went away and never came back. I recently listened to a podcast, it was either Nicole, or Eddy Lindenstein, in which the guest described swollen and inflamed feet, all TMS, and all resolved after doing the work.

    Personally, I've been getting lots of symptoms, coming and going, for approximately three years. I am extremely distressed by the state of the world (and that's all we are going to call it), and I think it is creating a TON of stress in many many people.
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  3. venice

    venice New Member

    Thank you for your reply. It is really helpful to know that someone else had this and it resolved. It's a more obscure symptom - I have not really seen much on this subject here. In the greater scheme of things though, I agree it's more annoying than troubling. If I had to have a symptom I would take this over any of the other crazy ones I've had :). That being said I still want it to go away. I. am realizing that I need to do more inner work. There are a lot of negative thoughts that I have throughout the day. And yes, then there is the state of the world. I have had to decrease the time I spend watching the news or consuming any social media. Thanks!
  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I just had that a couple of months ago. I didn't know it had a name (You can read my posts from June...it's there) It just stunk really bad of TMS because of the timing of the onset, so I ignored it though it felt gross.
    Whenever anything happens during stressful times I always assume it's TMS. The longer I've done this I have found fewer and fewer things that are actually 'genuine' and don't have a purpose in distracting me. My Face pain over the last week didn't fool me for a second.... and proof that it is TMS is that it has responded to the usual treatment...lots of Sarno, introspection and writing.

    and... I recommend zero news or social media for anyone these days. I always knew the news was 'just another show' since the days I worked for Satan...uh.... I mean the entertainment industry. But for people like us it is pure poison. Serves no good purpose and can only harm us. Same for social media. I have No social media and never watch the news. If something is reeeally important or matters I'll hear about it from other people. Otherwise it's just ragebait. That means TMS fuel
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  5. venice

    venice New Member

    Thank you Baseball65. It has really helped just to hear other people have had this symptom and recovered. The swelling has actually started going down just since I read JanAtheCPA's post! I have thought back to when this started and what was going on in my life and have really done some introspection and writing like you mention. I never heard it referred to as "ragebait" but that is a perfect description!
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