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TMS RoundTable Touch the Pain... Dr Simon Vulfson at TMS RoundTable

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by TMS RoundTable, Oct 12, 2021.

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    Dr Tovah Goldfine & Rose Hoey with TMS ROUNDTABLE
    chat with Dr Simon Vulfsons

    **Please feel free to send any questions and Dr Vulfsons will answer**

    Dr. Vulfsons is the current Director of the Institute for Pain Medicine, Rambam Medical.
    He is very open minded about the Mind and Body methods to healing Chronic Pain. Dr Vulfons has written the forward for Dr John Sarno's book "The MindBody Prescription" Center, Haifa.

    He has studied Hypnotherapy and Shiatsu
    He has served as a committee member and founding member of the Israel Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine and was the chairman of this society for 6 years. He served as the President of the International Federation of Musculoskeletal Medicine between 2014-2018. Dr. Vulfsons professional interests include teaching and musculoskeletal medicine. He has a long standing interest in Psychosocial aspects of pain, especially chronic pain. He established the Rambam School for Pain Medicine in 2009 and since then has developed and taught courses for postgraduate physicians and allied professionals.
    The most prominent of these course have been the pain trustee courses taught in conjunction with the Technion School for continuing Medical Education. He has published over 40 peer reviewed articles and 5 book chapters


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