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Torn meniscus(Please help)

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Lynn S, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    I'm a newbie and appreciate any immediate help. Yesterday my knee cracked while walking down the stairs. Surgery is recommended of course after the MRI and there's no physician listed in Thailand that is familiar with TMS.

    I am not shy about pain but will have to wait this out in bed. I can't stand and need help even with my crutches. I'll see the doctor 10:00 pm Thursday US eastern time. Please advise of what questions should ask to evaluate my situation.

    I'm an energy healer that owns a wellness center that uses technology that reorganizes the brain. I have a special personal interest in working with subconscious reprogramming. It may be obvious which direction I'm leaning, however, want to make an informed responsible decision.

    Since reading healing back pain my hip issues vanished and I was able to walk without limping. The pinched nerve in my neck since October has greatly improved. It's been a daily full time job with therapy and such. I'm free from all medication, and go about my daily chores regardless of the pain and the numbness that still exists in my arm and hand.

    There has been several little incidents that I've chalked up to TMS and they've disappeared. This one, not so little and I'm really scared. Please help.
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  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Lynn,

    Welcome to the forums, i'm sorry to hear about your knee! It's great that you've had success with TMS methods in the past. There is mixed evidence on surgery for meniscus tears (especially for minor ones), I recommend you look into that based on the grade of your tear. A good orthopedic doctor who is conservative on prescribing surgery could help with this...for many meniscus tears that aren't severe PT and rest/healing is enough. Ask what grade your tear is, what the outcomes are with surgery and if there are alternative treatments like PT that you could try first.
  3. Kyzer Soze

    Kyzer Soze New Member

    Hi Lynn,

    I have torn meniscus in both knees. I was told by a surgeon to have surgery (at different times) on both knees. I went to a TMS medical Dr and he told me do not have the surgery. I did not get the surgeries. For rehab I lifted weights for my knee(s) and ran. It was quite painful and both knees took (6) months to a year for full recovery......but no surgery. My knees are fine now. Maybe you can mail your MRI to a TMS Dr in another country for a diagnosis? It sounds like your TMS is moving to different parts of you body and this is a good thing. You are on your way to healing. I had TMS for over 20 years with lower back pain and was diagnosed disabled by a back surgeon. I refused to go on disability for (2) herniated discs (2) ruptured discs/ extreme spinal stenosis/ and extreme arthritis (16) years ago. This was the best thing I ever did, and of course finding a cure for my pain. Please understand I am only recounting my experience. You need a TMS Dr to confirm no surgery.
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  4. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    Hi Lynn,

    Welcome to the forum. Way back, my wife had a torn knee meniscus; it turned out to be called a classic “bucket handle tear”, after twisting while kneeling down. Her knee locked up similar to what you describe. Basically what happened the rim of the meniscus flipped over into the joint thus locking it up.

    The surgeon who we knew socially told her to visit him the next day without eating. He had the approach that he could maneuver the joint to release the flipped portion of the meniscus. This would be painful and she had to be under anesthetic. He and his aid, both of them strong burley men could not release the joint; I remember the effort as I was in the next room. The next thing we knew my wife was wheeled down the corridor, and the meniscus was removed arthroscopically. It was a successful outcome and we believe to this day was very necessary. I have to be open and say this was this issue was the start of continued problems with both knees for my wife that eventually ended up in two knee replacements 20 years later. We both are of the opinion that the regenerative properties within the knee for healing are tied to DNA and or age conditions. A good question at this time would be: “Are we able to manipulate our DNA with TMS practices?”

    Arthroscopic knee surgery has become very controversial, and I have read also similar to what MindbodyPT says that there are many different degrees of meniscus tear, some float and some remain attached. I have also read that some people have bits floating around and tears with no pain.

    I would make a list of your concerns when talking to the doctor. If you are up to it have a look on the internet for meniscus issues and videos to get inspiration and knowledge for your questions.

    I recently visited a surgeon doctor for my neck. At the start of the meeting I hinted I was into mind body and self care and do Yoga for my lower back. Unlike other doctors in the past I could see he was at ease with this. He finally concluded that I would do well with physical therapy, I got the impression he reflected back to me my attitude about self care. I remember discussing this with MindbodyPT and the successful results from physical therapy that I had.

    Hope this helps good luck, be well.
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  5. phillyjoe

    phillyjoe Peer Supporter

    I had a L knee torn meniscus. I took my MRI to a well trained TMS Dr. here in Michigan. He concluded with another Dr. opinion I would benefit from surgery. I had it repaired and doing well 5 years later. You can rehab, lift weights, etc.. but if the tear is significant there is the possibility of chronic pain, discomfort and limited mobility. Don't rule out the "Physical" solution just yet.
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  6. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    Thank you MindBodyPT, Kyzer Soze, andy64tms, and phillyjoe for sharing your experience and thoughtful response. I felt confident I would receive help, however, didn't realize how much it would mean to me to receive it. Thank you so much for taking your time to help me. I woke up this morning able to manage with crutches. When reviewing the results of my MRI with my doctor I advised that I prefer to give a few weeks for healing before considering an operation. She was also encouraged with such improvement in one day and supports that decision. I got yet another brace that will keep my knee straight. I've rented a one bedroom condo in my neighborhood for a few days to make it easier to stay off of leg when I'm not at work. Another fascinating thing happened today. The man John that gave me healing back pain returned to my center today. I met him for the first time that day and haven't seen him since. Today he returned to pick up his book to pass it along. It obviously has gone through a lot of hands. The pages were browning and falling out. He left something else with me today. Something that has been useful in his life. He shared with me his intuition is suggesting it may be helpful for me as well. He takes a nap everyday. I looked at him and thought is this my part in self care? It's not really a question. It was an answer. Thanks again and Thank you John for being a part of the change in my life. I'm likely to post in everyones response if I find I can't do a general response to everyone. Thanks again.
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  7. sam908

    sam908 Peer Supporter

    When I was experiencing pain from a torn meniscus in the left knee, the orthopedist advised me that if I could put up with it for a year, it would heal. I did...and it did.
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  8. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    Thanks for your reply. I had such remarkable progress in one day I decided to self heal. It's been one week today and I'm doing quite well on crutches. I give my knee a lot of rest and daily healing.
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  9. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    Update on torn menecius: Hobbling caused more pain in my other knee and my back gave out three days ago. I'm strong enough to sit up and will make it out of bed to my follow up appointment in the morning. It's Thursday night my time. I thought the only reason for going was to ask for a shot in my back. I know better as I wright this so I guess I'll just bring my ass back to bed after the visit if I can't move.
  10. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    I had surgery today on my torn meniscus. Decided on a repair since my knee is not close to functional after three months. I panicked a bit before surgery about my choice of a spinal to stay awake during the operation. I thought it may not be best due to the other pain and numbness in my shoulder, arm, hips, and both legs. I can't stand lately for more than two minutes and didn't realize the pain just to lay still. It didn't matter cause I didn't stay awake. All went well.

    I believe this recovery will help with my TMS recover as well. The best thing I can do for myself is relax and use this time to raise my vibration. It's not what I do but who I am that will bring me closer to my desires.

    I'm feeling very sad about a time when I was on a feeding tube for four months. The taste of saline solution today when the nurse disconnected the antibiotic reminded me of my daily routine of hooking up the tubes and cleaning when finished. I also found it difficult when reporting a past surgery related to that event. This was three years ago. It must be coming up because I'm more equipped to handle it.

    Two nights in hospital and three nights in the mountains in a one room cabin overlooking the beatiful mountains all day. Nice start to recovery. I have to limit my movement at home and made adjustments to be situated on one floor.

    I refrain from telling folks that want results now that it's all a process. I have expectations and still cry out of frustration and pain. However, I'm proud of myself for respecting and accepting my process to the best that I can.
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  11. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    I'm proud of you too. Those beautiful mountains are the perfect environment for recovery. Rest, relax and heal my dear.

    Sending you love.

    Plum x
  12. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter


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