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Tooth Pain as TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by embodydami, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. embodydami

    embodydami New Member

    Long story short Ive been dealing with TMS symptoms on and off for almost 3 years now. I have had it manifest as tooth pain before and I believed it and went through cavity fillings and a root canal.. and the pain didnt stop for months. Once I realized it was TMS the pain did go away. I am now having tooth pain on the other side and I am convinced it is TMS because earlier this week I had a neck flare up that is a common symptom of my TMS as well. I didnt buy it and knew it was emotional and now im wondering if my body is trying to trick me with a different symptom. Thoughts? Where do you draw the line between believing it is just TMS and actually needed to get a physical check up?
  2. drlecter

    drlecter New Member

    It seems TMS, I had jaw pain for weeks after workout I was convinced it was TMS and paind went away, I just ignored it. In my opinion, you could check with a doctor or dentist but always thinking is TMS. I hope u get well soon.
  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Search that on this forum and you will find a LOT of our posts about it. I had a little odyssey with it this past summer.... kept moving around.
    Sarno himself discusses that in "MindBody Prescription". He had mystery molar pain that left as soon as he made a connection. There is a nerve set to our face (trigeminal) and it is just as susceptible to TMS as our sciatic is with Back/leg pain.

    Like all things it is OK to check with a DDS. I actually had a mild infection BUT Using the TMS strategy my pain was gone before I got to the dentist. Also, the mild infection was only on one side and Nowhere near where it was hurting...
    It peaked when I was around a certain person who drives me bonkers. Co-inky-dink?

    SEarch TOOTH JAW and TEETH. I think one of the other TMS guru's has a little blurb on it here.

    You aren't the only one
  4. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    Hi, I have fought with an incredible toothache in the last three months. at first they found a cavity, I underwent a root canal, but the pain increased, the dentist found a fracture of the tooth root through an X-ray and the tooth was extracted. despite the extraction (in October) the tooth continued to hurt, at that point the dentist told me that the pain was inexplicable and then I realized that it was due to the TMS. At that point I started to have pain in other teeth, but the fact that I brought everything back to TMS made the pains passive. Now I'm fine, I realized that this is a period of great emotional stress, I accepted the fact of being in difficulty and, although some problems are still unresolved (child care, family health problems, economic hardships) I have no symptoms invalidating for a couple of weeks and this is already a partial victory !!!!

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