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Toe arthritis, believer in tms, but could this be actually structural?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by SuperKev, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. SuperKev

    SuperKev New Member

    Hi, all!

    This is a post about Hallux rigidus (big toe arthritis). But first, some of my TMS background:

    I have been a sufferer of TMS for my whole life.. almost 30 years ago in college I suffered for 6 months from crippling Achilles tendonitis and just from reading Sarno’s Healing Back Pain I cured myself of that pain permanently. In a day! Way back when, Since then I have had chronic sinus infections, skin issues, eye issues, etc. And almost always, after a little TMS work, it all recedes.

    Recently I have been mostly pain and symptom free with one major exception – I do suffer from gout. I ignored it for years thinking it tms but in the end was convinced it was not a tms equivalent, and now I am getting treated for it but it messed up my toes pretty badly and as a result I do have some toe pain… keep reading on that front…

    Recently I hyprextended my toe (fell down some stairs and landed on my toe). Saw a podiatrist to make sure it wasn’t broken , etc. (just a mild sprain). The podiatrist instantly told me I have arthritis in my big toes, and x trays confirmed that my bones are a mess. He said this was not gout related and that my current toe discomfort was from the hallux rigidus and not from gout, and I would have had this regardless. (He seemed to think my toe sprain was minor and not to worry about)

    OK, so I have assumed my lingering toe pain had been gout related and as the allopurinol takes affect over a couple years that will get better. Now I am wondering about this arthritis diagnosis. He says I shouldn’t bother with surgery unless there is significant pain or feels like it is getting worse, but he is suggesting orthotics.

    But here is my question – this certainly looks structural.. is the pain and discomfort in my toe real or tms (which is real, too, but you know what I mean)?

    A digression for comparison's sake: Of all the issues I have had, I never had back pain. Yet I know Sarno and others write about how xrays will show seeming evidence of structural damage for back issues when in reality it is all tms. Is that true for toe arthritis too?

    Any advice on this? I am 100% a believer in TMS… but also a dr is telling me I have arthritis and that will affect how I walk and feel (and it does). Do I ignore it and continue to work on myself tms-style? Do I get orthotics just in case? If it does get worse is surgery an option or is that me giving in? Again, I think about all those back surgeons who see some evidence of disfigurement but Sarno says, nope, that’s not it. And yet my toes are not mobile and it causes some discomfort for sure. Nothing I cant live with but I don’t want this to get worse.

    OK, I am rambling, I guess my question is – with a diagnoses of toe arthritis and xrays to “prove it” – how do I handle this…Thoughts?

    Thank you!

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