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To be or not to be

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ashoo79, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. ashoo79

    ashoo79 New Member

    Well I understand that its real its excruciating and its just right there and its not going to hurt me. I bend and forward and don't think when moving up and down. I don't care if I am sitting straight or what. I accept all yes this is TMS. I am TMS er. I have all the traits and I am working on how to handle them and accept them in my life. I am still struggling about focus on my present cuz I am a huge worrier and either live in past or thinking about my future. I pray to grant me a mind free of worries my heart free of sadness and a body free of sickness.I want to sink in to not to carry worries of life because this is for God and I also dont want to carry any anxiety for the future because its also in the hands of God. I should just be focusing on my present. Yes it is hard very hard to focus on all this but I have to do this for the sake of my health. I am a kind of person who brings people tensions their burdens their hurdles their problems on my shoulder. I would love to hear any suggestions to overcome my being the goodist out there.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Just once a day, say "no" to something someone asks you to do, or listen to, or fix, or sooth them about. You can say no in a very non-confrontive way like "I am busy taking care of myself right now, sorry I can't help." Or very directly "No, I am not willing to do that." Or it can be simply not calling someone back, because, heck, you don't want to. You notice that returning the call does not happen to be in your interest.

    Excuses or lies are to be avoided in this practice. Do it, and then tell your Inner Critic to BACK OFF. And then turn your attention to something that pleases you, or even something neutral, like petting your dog, or washing dishes. Something in the moment that is not caught in the thinking and self-observing.

    After a month, you'll start to love it!!
  3. MellieV

    MellieV Peer Supporter

    I do the same thing. I am starting to overcome it by accepting the way I am, and truly being OK with it. I started to look at my goodist and dependency traits from a different perspective. I told myself that being this way doesn't have to be a bad thing. I just have to consciously separate my"self" from it. If I'm faced with a situation that I know might cause me residual stress, I say no, let myself feel bad, sad, whatever, and then move on - really move on. Like literally shake it off, like I'm getting it off of my skin.

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