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Day 8 TMS treatment up to this point

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by cnote, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. cnote

    cnote Peer Supporter

    I'm doing my Day 8 homework, and it asked me to write about my TMS treatment up to this point.

    I have only journaled 2 times thus far. The first time I felt some anger, but not much... the 2nd time, I cried my eyes out.

    I think that's good! I feel, if those emotions are coming out... then those emotions NEED to come out.

    I've been doing more stuff lately. Like remixing music and stuff. I also have been jogging at night, with no low back pain. That's quite amazing!

    However, I still have these "newer" symptoms that confuse me... they popped up about 2 months ago, before I discovered TMS.

    Those symptoms being random arm pain in my forearms at times. Some days my hands feel crampy. Like if I'm holding my phone, the palm of my hand feels like it wants to cramp up some, and is a bit painful.

    This morning and yesterday morning I woke up with the feeling of my right calf muscle feeling like it was slightly cramping, like a slight charlie horse.

    I don't understand all of this pain still as it is random... and spreads around.

    I keep believing its TMS, but I think there are small moments where I still "fear" it and "question" it... however, I KNOW for a FACT, if I go running to my Doctor again about it, he's going to tell me it's "NOTHING SERIOUS", like he's been telling me for months and months and months now.

    I have to trust him that NOTHING is seriously wrong with me... he's a DAMN DOCTOR for crying out loud. He would KNOW if it was something serious, like an actual neuro-muscular disease like MS or something.

    This HAS TO BE TMS!!! IT IS TMS!!! IT IS TMS!!!

    Also, every time I get a shooting pain, or a cramp, I tell it in my head to "Shut up... go away... you mean nothing."

    I think my BIGGEST thing is health anxiety... I have to work on that so much.

    The pain and odd symptoms make me fearful... which probably keeps the cycle going.

    We can become so sensitive, and tune-in too much into our own bodies... which probably creates more spreading pain.

    I have found that I have mentally been happier the past week. :) So that is good.

    Fear makes everything worse.

    The opposite of fear is... FAITH. And I'm keeping the faith that I'm going to be pain free! Just you watch and see! :)
  2. BettyJean

    BettyJean New Member

    I'm new and I can relate to symptoms changing. I'm trusting my doctor too, even if it's a different symptoms. Funny how, just when you decide for sure that there is nothing physically wrong, something different starts up! Yes, lets kKeep the faith!
  3. Ines

    Ines Well known member

    I think people are lucky when their symptoms move around. That definitely means it's TMS.
  4. BettyJean

    BettyJean New Member

    Exactly! How naive this little gremlin in our minds is!
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