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Steven Ozanich TMS The Man Sarno

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Steve Ozanich, May 8, 2012.

  1. sensiblesue

    sensiblesue Newcomer

    The final piece of the healing puzzle for me was the role of anger. I never felt it, and so didn’t think I had an anger problem. I am controlled and serene, which is the problem. If you have symptoms then you have a temper, if you don’t feel that anger/rage then that’s the problem—because you should!

    This rang true to me. I never have felt that I have an anger problem. But you are saying that I must, because I have TMS pain that I have not been able to overcome. How do I get myself to feel that anger/rage? I have tried journaling and done lots of reading. I've read your books and Dr. Sarno's and still cannot express this rage. I have uncovered some issues that I am dissatisfied with, but no rage. What do I do?
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    In defence of the 'fibro-pitbulls'....! I always knew on some level I was either responsible for or could influence for good or ill - my pain and illness. But try as i might i never quite managed. So i got disillusioned and depressed and believed the 'doctors'... I went thru this process for over 20 years before finding Sarno's book - The Divided Mind' - and 'bingo' - the light came on and within 6 months i was fairly pain-free and within 2 years 99% healed. I would never say 100% - cos i still recognise the TMS characteristics that I have and may trick me once again...!
    But probably most people are not in a mindspace of believing they make their own reality... So when years of unexplained pain, fatigue and myriad symptoms happen - most people will grab at ANY explanation - I had all my fillings changed, took hundreds of herbal potions, let a physical trainer cripple me, drank Aloe Vera till it came out my nose, was pummelled, cracked and needled by hundreds of alternative and mainstream practitioners... I spent thousands, saw private doctors, went on diets to balance my pH, lower my GI, uncombine my food, sterilise my gut, my bowel and got regressed to boot!
    The problem is none of it works until either you find Dr Sarno's books or the TMSwiki site - and are desperate enough to wholeheartedly try... Many people will not find it...
    We need to make the whole mindbody thing more 'heard of'. It needs to be on the Tv, the radio, people writing articles, doing talks... When I tell people about my journey - they have never heard anything like it - it is alien. We need to get the message out into the mainstream. We can each do our part by telling people - even tho' they may scoff or laugh, by giving people Sarno's books, or Steve's or any other good TMS book. By including TMS in our daily conversations, our 'techy media' our blogs... The only way for more people to wake up is for those of us who know to shout about it...
    and now i feel like i should go and jump up on a crate and shout like a crazy person...! :rolleyes::mad::D
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