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TMS recovery program day D

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Kylin Foster, May 1, 2017.

  1. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    Day D we had to pick an activity we normally avoided from pain. the pain is pelvic so I mostly avoided clothes that made me uncomfortable. I did this because doctors use to tell me don't wear jeans don't wear anything not cotton ect. Today I wore jeans. This time not with the mindset these are cute there going to make me uncomfortable and I'm going to take them off as soon as I get home(i use to rarely wear jeans and when I did this was my mindset) but today I put on jeans and I said to my self it's not the jeans that makes the pain worse. I have been in worse pain not wearing jeans in pajamas in the past and I know that this is TMS. I'm still in my jeans and still working every day to get better and better at outcome independence.
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  2. MSZ812

    MSZ812 Well known member

    Right on, Kylin! It's so important to face those fears that come from TMS. For me, I had grown accustom to sleeping a certain way to "help" my shoulder. Well, now that I know that there's nothing physically wrong, it doesn't make sense to "baby" my shoulder. In fact, when I choose to sleep that way, I'm actually re-inforcing the idea that my problem is structural. Fear and pain go hand in hand.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    Thank you Matt! You too! :)

  4. Leslie735

    Leslie735 Well known member

    Good for you!! How did it go while you had the jeans on?
  5. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    It went well! I had discomfort but I'm starting to believe more in my deep down gutt that it's not the jeans. Since I have been more comfortable in jeans before than I have been in a dress. So I know it's not the jeans. I wore jeans the next day too!
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  6. Leslie735

    Leslie735 Well known member

    That's great!!! Im trying to apply the same things. Trying to push through things I think that might cause issues. It's not easy! Are you noticing a decrease in your pain?
  7. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    I'm noticing a slight decrease in pain. At least how it affects me. And for the first time in a long time I had sex with no pain during or after. (Sorry if that's too personal!) haha
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  8. Leslie735

    Leslie735 Well known member

    That's wonderful!! Not personal at all.

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