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TMS Pain Continues and Need Advice

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by SME61, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. SME61

    SME61 Peer Supporter

    I know that our experiences vary quite a bit, so I am hoping that some of you can offer advice and even some reassuring words.
    I have been living with TMS for over two years now. I figured out it was TMS after a year of seeing physicians who could not help me.
    The unrelenting pain down my leg and stinging has not gone away, but the pain level is only a 2 perhaps a 3 and sometimes not at all. However, when I do have pain, I am having a very challenging time not ruminating on it, obsessing about it or getting scared. Unfortunately, the more I worry and obsessed I become, the more it bothers me.
    I know my pain is caused by my brain that is trying to distract me from the "fear" emotions I have. I also know that I am safe and that nothing can really happen to me and that it is only a little pain.
    However, my mind/brain is programmed to obsess about this. I have tried cognitive soothing, mindfulness, journalind, the SEP Program and everything else, but I can't seem to stop obsessing about how long this will go on.
    In a sense I feel trapped in a never ending journey, I see a paychologist once a week and a pyschiatrist once a month and am taking some medication.
    The good news I guess, is that I have had some periods a week here, a week there, where I haven't felt pain and I don't obsesss. However, overall I just seem to be looping back to pain and worry.

    Has anyone ever experienced this and do you have any advice for me?
    I posted this in SEP as well.

  2. hodini

    hodini Peer Supporter

    Hi SME, I was just doing some reading nd noticed your post. If you have read any of my posts you will know While keeping an open mind so far re: TMS I am skeptical. I do not think however that that should stop me from offering what I see as some fairly common sense advice that would not depart from any other mind body modality.

    Firstly, I do disagree with the idea that ones brain is working against ones self in the vast majority of cases. There is really no evolutionary model to support this in fact there is evidence to the contrary.

    That said, it does not mean that you do not have the capability to moderate whatever sensations you may have. The jargon used, "mindfulness", "cognitive soothing", "outcome indifference", are simply terms and can surely have the ability to send one on a never ending journey.

    A very important thing is that you feel safe! That is a constructive thought especially when proven to be true. I would continue going back to that and recognizing the reasons you feel that way.

    I would also try to not think of your own mind as being "programed" while certainly that term is bandied about quite a bit it is a way too simplistic way to look at it. especially if you look at it as something which has the ability to deceive you, another never ending journey!

    Try to take it easy on yourself, and your mind, perhaps distract yourself with some very simple tasks such as reading, taking a hot shower, doing a crossword puzzle, taking a walk if you are comfortable doing so, calling a friend you haven't heard from in a long time and making an effort to not speak about your body sensations. I assume you get the idea and can create many things which may be more appropriate for you then just the ones I have mentioned.

    The idea would be, if you do these things and they have a positive effect on your sensations, you will then be able to see that you have the ability to moderate your sensations and hopefully feel more in control.

    We all are effected by bringing our attention to something, if I tell you to feel the pressure on the back of your legs from what you are sitting on as you read this, (if you are sitting) most likely your ability to feel that will be enhanced by that suggestion. Just an example of mind body interaction.

    Perhaps you might gain some insight by reading this article posted by Nicole on one of the days you are feeling better. It is long and can be quite a distraction but also might be helpful in your understanding.

    https://www.painscience.com/articles/pain-is-weird.php (Pain is Weird)

    I am happy to hear that you are experiencing some times without unpleasant sensations, if those are enjoyable to you, focus on those like the example of the chair and hopefully you will have more of them!!

    Wishing you the best!

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