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TMS Moved from lower back to shoulders/arms

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by TomPNY, May 12, 2013.

  1. TomPNY

    TomPNY Peer Supporter

    As the topic says, I've had TMS That started in my lower back and migrated up into my shoulders and arms, giving me carpal tunnel like symptoms. I want to treat it like I treated my back, and I am still going through the "anger" exercises - but I am really struggling with this in particular because the bulk of issues happen in the middle of the night while I a, sleeping. I wake up with at least one, sometimes two dead hands where they are completely asleep and don't work until I pump them up a bit. It only happens when my arms are under me or over my head while I sleep, but u fortunately that is the way My body always ends up no matter how hard I try. It seems to be getting worse, and I can't use my normal tools I use when I am awake.

    Whle I believe that the root cause is TMS, I feel that the TMS tension exists in my shoulders, and that the TMS is real there... However, I believe that the pain and numbness is something That is not caused by TMS directly but related to TMS in the shoulders... I fear nerve damage and other long term issues from this... And I am in a catch 22 because I can't address TMS In arms in the middle of the night... It's already happening by the time I a, conscious and aware of it. I had touched on this in another thread... And someone said to write Down Dreams.... But I really don't have any.

    Anyone else dealt with this?
  2. Solange

    Solange Well known member

    Hi Tom PNY
    I think you should see this movement as a positive development;you've started to get your TMS 'on the run.' I have a similar thing going on so I understand. I have made an improvement by talking to my brain trying to pin down any issues during the day and then just before I go to sleep telling myself that I am pefectly fit and healthy, I will have a relaxed night's sleep and when I wake up I will feel comfortable. This has lessened symptoms. I also visualize myself sleeping peacefully. Just keep at it and we will get where we want to be. TMS is just trying to psyche us out, we must concentrate on the message our brain is giving us to let us know all is not well and try to discover the reason. There may be a bit of conditioning going on now too if this is a recurring pattern and has made you anxious.
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  3. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Tom,

    I have studied a bit of triggerpoint treatment before I found out about TMS. First I have to tell you triggerpoints are a mindbody symptom. When I look at triggerpoints in the shoulder area, there are some that can cause all sorts of problems in your arms and hands like pain or numbness. So in my opinion your suspicion is partly right, yes it is related to your shoulders, but therefore it is still a (indirect?) mindbody symptom.

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