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Day 1 TMS makes so much sense

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by paingoaway, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. paingoaway

    paingoaway New Member

    I am here with the hope to free myself from these painful demons that started haunting me about 8 years ago. I have trigeminal Neuralgia & Chronic pelvic pain. Strangely they all started during very stressfull events in my life and flare up bad when again I am very stressed and not happy with my life.

    It all started when I moved to Mexico for 5 years with my husband. I did not want to go but because I did go, I got sick and depressed. I broke a tooth with so much grinding and that created the worse imaginable pain ever; "The Suicide Disease".
    I got a dental implant but the pain persisted. After seeing numerous dentists that kept doing unecessary dental work and many useless neurologists, finally a Neurosurgeon especialized in Neurosychiatric disorders, said that I needed a long treatment with drugs and therapy sessions with a psychiatrist , because this condition is a mind triggered when under a lot of stress. So this was my beginning of my worse nightmare.
    I was pain free for about 3 years until I moved back to the US . When my daughter started college I became very depressed, the fact that she left really haunted me. My cat later died eaten by a coyote and that was my last straw. I lost it and my pain started again but not inside my mouth, instead closer to my ear. I just started taking some of the meds that I used to take and the pain subsided.

    Later on I developed more strange unbearable pains in my chest and upper body that would not let me eat. I had an endoscopy that said it was just GERD. This ofcourse started with a lot of stress that I was going through again.

    My pelvic pain started after a procedure I had done because of an infection. I healed from it but the pain persisted to the point that my Pudendal nerve endings were making me feel horrible burning pains down there. This ofcourse started immediately after I started taking care of my mom who was terminally ill with cancer. Spent thousands on physical therapy to only get miniimal relief. Drugs would barelly help at all.

    One day I found on facebook a support group that talked about how our mind body connection could heal this chronic pelvic pain. I gave it a try and now Im about 80% healed ever since I started to accept the fact that my mind had definetely a lot to do .

    Now I recently had to get some dental work because I needed a root canal there was deep decay and also they found a huge infection on an old root canal that I had done years ago on another tooth that went through my sinuses. Dentist said I might need another implant if after they reroot that tooth does not work to stop the infection from eating bone. My PTSD immediately triggered obsessive negative thoughts, fearing that it would trigger my Trigeminal Pain inside mouth and ofcourse it did!

    I landed on this beautiful site because I started to question myself " What if this Trigeminal Pain is Mind Body connected also like my pelvic pain ? and after all I develop chronic pain whichever part of my body I am stressing about at the moment.

    I am just hoping that this trigeminal pain that keeps haunting me it is induced by my sensitive nervous system gone outta whack because of built anger throughout my life.
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, paingoaway. You wrote a wonderful post about your pains and can consider yourself very fortunate that you learned about this web site. You've had some rough times and are wise to realize the pains have come from being emotionally stressed. Just losing your cat that way would be enough to cause TMS, but all the rest of what you've written about moving and relationships are common examples of TMS pain. In journaling, you will discover the emotions giving you pain.

    I don't trust dentists who want patients to get root canals. I'm 86 and never heard of root canals until about twenty years ago. I encourage you to look up root canals on Google and read how many say they are unnecessary and only put money in dentists' pockets. I think root canals are just a new status symbol. People bragged about getting them. I brag about not getting them.
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