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TMS is Gullible!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Nate, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Nate

    Nate Peer Supporter

    So last night I have a revelation an aha moment if you will and was feelin pretty good the left sid eof my sacrum was feeling better not completeley but good enough. So as the night goes on the ride side gets a bit tight not sore just tight! It made me laugh cause i thought ah ok ya trying this crap again and soon later it passed and was fine. Just before bed i tried an experiment! It may seem alil backwards but hey what ever works right! I start rubbing my right hip flexor as o normally do when it starts to get a bit tight even though nothing was wrong and as stupid it may sound i started thinking oh man my right side is getting tight again. Anyway its the following morning and what do ya know both sides are now a bit sore not bad but sore. I literally cracked up laughing cause i knew i had just induced my own pain! I had not had an issue with the right side since feb and then i think about it an BAM! lol As i said it sounds backwards to do this with yourself after all we are trying to get rid of pain not induce it! But it just goes to show and once again reinforced the fact of what is goin on. I dont expect the pain to last long and im actually not that worried about it. And ok one could put it down to coincidence but come on seriuously what are the chances slim to none i reckon! Anyway just thought it was interesting and wanted to share as it actually made me happy lol weird right! lol
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  2. trypp

    trypp Peer Supporter

    That's hilarious! It's really so weird the way that our brains work. That's conditioning at it's finest.
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