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TMS/fear and worries

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Kylin Foster, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    Hi guys. So a while back I was having IBS symptoms. I was really into working out at the time( for the wrong reasons) and had a horrible relationship with food.

    Now im working on self love and restoring my relationship w food and my self. I haven't been doing any toning work outs and have just been doing things to ease anxiety like hiking and yoga. I've gained some weight since I switched my regimen but not a lot at all. And now I'm even trying not to weigh my self. My stomach is desended and I can't tell if it's IBS bloating or I'm getting fat. Honestly even writing this I'm recognizing how TMS my thoughts are right now. But I could use a little support. I use to have abs but I wasn't mentally healthy to my self at the time and I'm just trying to have a positive self image and feel comfortable in my own skin.
  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Give yourself a lot of space on this. None of us can achieve the cultural “perfect body” ideal and it’s such a giant mental and physical effort to try. Exercise in a way that feels good to your body and mind and try not to worry. It’s a type of TMS, in my opinion and experience, to have body image anxiety...I’ve definitely experienced it too. Often the anxiety over how your body looks is just a proxy for deeper emotions.

    It’s also not such an easy thing to go from body hate to love, it’s a process. Remember that bodies are dynamic, impermanent and change over our lifetimes! The shape and size you are at one moment likely won’t be the same a number of years later.

    Glad you are recognizing the TMS nature of the thoughts, that’s a great step forward.
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  3. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    good advice thank you. Right now I've just been doing yoga here and there same w hiking. I've been trying to focus less on the physical aspect of healing. Is there an amount of time someone should exercise a week. Also nutrition freaks me out too. I just am very preoccupied with all these physical things but I don't want to not focus on my health at all and eat horribly and not exercise.
  4. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Think moderation with all things. Exercise several times a week (3-5) for general good health...could be anything from a walk to yoga to weights, whatever you like. For nutrition I definitely suggest the book Intuitive Eating, also the book health at every size! Think in broad terms- eat a variety of foods to get all nutrients you need, fruits, veggies, grains, protein, etc. there are no hard and fast rules. There’s a big difference between eating junk food all the time and having a restrictive diet! Hope that helps.
  5. Kylin Foster

    Kylin Foster Peer Supporter

    Cause my therapist was reccomending eating whatever I want and working on self love because when you love your self you won't eat junk all the time.. I agree with that I'm just anxious about making the wrong choices cause I'll eat out with my friends and get ramen and stuff that's not super nutritious sometimes. But I don't eat tons of junk.

    Thanks so much for all the advice again.
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