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Tms beginner to advanced Protocol

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    To think psychological. To know your repressions. You have to know what you are thinking that is causing stress.
    Could it be the parent, child, adult giving you strain and tension causing repressed emotions thus causing the pain and you don't know cause you never thought about it?

    Now to your question.
    Yes, all you need to know is the pain is there to cover repressed emotions.
    It's not just 1 repressed emotion. It's alot of them happening all day on autopilot.
    So it's good for you to learn your mind chatter, to know what your thinking about when your not paying attention.
    Now pay attention to those thoughts, some can be causing surface tension. This tension, like your reactions causing tension can be dealt with by feeling your emotions when you get upset, angry or fearful.
    When you feel the emotions, you don't react to them, just bathe in them without labeling them.
    Then you will feel a surface suppression leave.
    The repressions will come out later on as you do the program and you journal.
    When you journal and you feel an emotion, that you don't want to feel. That's a repression. Feel it, set with it. Don't fear it or judge it. Then soon the emotion will didipitate and the repressed memory won't sting like it used too- unawares of these emotions and they just build.
    As you become more aware and present learning to feel your emotions as you journal, you will start to feel these a.ha moments.
    Sometimes a huge shift will happen
    For now, just knowing you are fine and will heal is what you want.
    Don't rush. Take your time, be patient. Through patience you will recieve your healing.
    I say patience cause some heal in months while others take years. I always said I healed in 6 months because in the first 6 months I understood knowledge therapy. I was healed from 25 year back pain, finally. No pain since in the lower back.
    But my point is I've had other bouts with tms since healing my back. Like right now, dry eyes. I'll fix it. But here's the kicker, once you heal a major body pain. You will just understand your route.
    And then you will add and take away from your knowledge creating your wisdom.
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