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TMS and real injuries

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jokeysmurf, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. jokeysmurf

    jokeysmurf Well known member

    you might be one of those TMSers who’s come a long way, sifting through the psychological pain and catching your fears and doing better and better. I know I am. I have been healed for a while. I plan to do a success story soon.

    However what do you do when you do injure yourself in a weird way that makes you question it. It will most likely happen a few times until you realize that it’s not TMS.

    I went camping and slept on my stomach and I didn’t realize how much I was hyperextending my back. There was uneven ground and I slept over a large diver. Needless to say it was uncomfortable, but I was expecting that so I didn’t think much of it. The next morning I awoke as though I had been doing deadlifts (weight lifting for back). I kept thinking psychologically for hours and hours and it gave way to a baseline pain. This had never happened before. Usually it would dissolve to no pain. My pain did shoot up, that was TMS. I was freaking out. The when it’s settled there was baseline pain. It turns out I hyperextended my back.

    It’s going to take time to heal. It’s not super bad but I did have a small injury.

    Bottom line. Expect it might happen one day. When it does trust your gut and body. Look for baseline pain. This isn’t full proof obviously but you can also gather evidence to why you really have the pain that’s not TMS. Also expect TMS might make it worse at times.

    Happy healing
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