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TMS and addiction

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lolittaa, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. lolittaa

    lolittaa Newcomer

    During my Second year in College, i started having pain on left side of my neck, jaw and shoulder.i went to ER. they didn't know what going on with me. it just stress they said. i had to see so many doctors. they prescribe me xanax, klonopin , gabapentin, tramadol. i smoked so much weed to get rid of it but nothing had worded for me. I quit college. i got depended on xanax for 7 years and abused other pills. Even when i was high, the pain didn't go away. i hit rock bottom and decided to get sober and face what i was running from. i started meditating, journaling, praying, reading books that helped improve my self mentally and spirituality. i still had the pain even when was sober. i sometime wish i was like other people but i chose to surrender until i found the book of dr John Sarano. I stated learning about TMS and suppressing emotion.
    I would love to know more about how can we feel our emotions. I would appreciate if you would share advice and tips with me
    Thank u
  2. Bitzalel Brown

    Bitzalel Brown Peer Supporter

    Lolittaa, wow you are an inspiration ,what a story. Well lets start at the begining. It usually starts when we are little, we quickly are trained to ignore our emotions and turn to our futile cognitive side in an atempt to assuage our uncomfortable feelings. We are taught early on to supress our greatest gift. Emotions. lolipops can get us quiet and a stern look from a grown up will keep us in submision but our supressed emotions have not given up on their dream to be, well just that, emotions. So the distractions start as you are already know to well, pain, addictions they are all creating a terribly painful side show. So how do we get past these unwelcome "gifts".

    Get to know your emotions and all their manifestations. Learn some form of emotion tracking and FEEL them in your body. This is the starting point when you become aware of their manifestations in your physical body.

    Become an emotional thinker, learn to look for the emotions crouched behind the couch when talking to others. Start to notice what emotions are driving you and others. Think about how you can guide others in their emotional struggles.

    Enjoy you emotions, stop thinking about curing youself. Instead of trying to feel better get better at feeling.
    Emotions need practice, even smiling to youself and feeling joy enhances our ability to be better at feeling.
    Writing emotionally. You can try writing something once and then try to rewrite it with more emotional expression. Put your anger, rage and frustration into words.
    To tell you the truth ,I felt your frustration when you wrote" .... the pain didnt go away, i hit rock bottom" i felt your exspectations rise as you took action but fear this is just not going to go way. I know its hard ,I like many in this forum have come to befriend my emotions , they challenge me daily but give show me exactly what I need. Keep you chin up,smile and embrace every emotion , they are all beloved.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2021

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