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Day 1 TMS Acceptance

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by BackAttackMorris, Aug 25, 2022.

  1. BackAttackMorris

    BackAttackMorris Newcomer

    "Healing Back Pain" was suggested to me by a colleague after I was describing a painful few weeks with back issues. The book described so clearly the pain I was feeling and the things I was saying to my colleague at work, so in that regard, I am hopeful that this can be a useful treatment for me as Dr. Sarno described so clearly what I am feeling. I am working on accepting that the root of the pain is caused by anger/rage, as by nature, I tend to be positive about life and not an angry person. However, I do believe it is likely that my mind is constantly doing things to manage through life's challenges and surprises without me being aware to help me keep that attitude. So in that regard, I do think it is possible that how my mind manages life could affect me in other ways.

    The biggest challenge to accepting TMS is that I have a family member who has dealt with chronic pain and saw firsthand how it impacted her. I also saw Doctors tell her it was all in her head and I believe that her pain was not something the mind alone could have beaten alone, as she tried everything.

    As I read more and listen more about TMS, I am hopeful that I can benefit from this treatment and am working towards total acceptance. Reading stories certainly helps.

    While this pain has only been around for a few weeks, I can't wait to embrace a life without it once again. I want to work out again, feel healthy, move without concern, be able to drive to work and not be uncomfortable all day.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Whatever your own impression of yourself is has very little to do with whether or not your mind/body is perpetrating a covert operation. I know very many people with TMS who match your description , and on the other hand , many who are angry bitter politics-spewing A-holes....many of those types have the thought "well if it's suppressed anger, I shouldn't be having symptoms because I suppress nothing"

    It is about UNCONSCIOUS anger. I have been cured from TMS for a long long time and I still have no clear idea what my unconscious is up to...at least not in real time. That is a humbling thought right there..... but when I started using my reasoning faculties to guess what MIGHT be down there based on my life's situations and started consciously turning my thoughts to those scenarios whenever I caught my attention focused on the symptoms, the symptoms were no longer doing their job and they left.

    "all in your head"..... My mother-in-law told me that many men use their back pain as an excuse to get out of doing their jobs and responsibilities...You can imagine how well I took that while I was in AGONY. Later, when I had read "Healing Back Pain" and had learned all of the nuances that Sarno teaches, I explained them to her .."That was what I meant!" She said...LOL

    Chronic pain has become an epidemic of sorts, but it's mostly the fault of the medical industry NOT admitting that there is no structural solution and that 'secondary gain' (My mother-in-law) is also a minor to non-existent component.

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