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Day 1 TMJ and chronic fatigue

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Chronically fedup, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. Chronically fedup

    Chronically fedup New Member

    First post… on anything… ever..! I’ve come across this site after finding Nichole Sachs online and then the curable app and Dr Gordon. I’m hoping this is the right route for me, if not a little doubtful. I’m a good student and I’m reading everything I can. Currently on Dr Gordon’s new book.

    like most, I’ve been through the mill medically. My pain started as a dull ache on my left hand side jaw. I wasn’t sure if it was ear or mouth so left it a while and ended up seeing my gp who said is was an ear infection. Ear drops didn’t work so antibiotics were prescribed. They didn’t work either so ENT was called who said I had nothing wrong with my ears and maybe I should speak to a dentist about something called TMJ. I’d never heard of it!

    dentist said it was TMJ which is caused by nighttime grinding and the treatment is a nighttime splint. I wore one for a month or so, no better, maybe a little worse. Referred to oral surgeon who said even tho my mri and X-rays were all fine, he felt it was my joint and I should have it washed out. Had the joint washout (a week before Christmas!) once the swelling had gone a few weeks later, pain was worse and now on both sides of my face!

    he then suggested he take all 4 wisdom teeth out, which my dentist told me not to do as they were perfect. Did that, under local, god that was an awful experience! No better, worse pain!

    oral surgeon gave up on me! Saw a few physios, specifically TMJ physio’s. No joy! Tried every pain killer known to man. No joy! Herbal remedies, you name them, I’ve tried them! Acupuncture, no joy! Splints, no! These weird ear things, cerezen? Nope! A head brace! That was interesting..

    referred to another oral surgeon, he then went in to my mouth and cut back part of my muscle. Once the pain and swelling went (about 6 weeks later this one!) I was well wrecked now! Jaw wouldn’t open properly and I was in agony

    so, I’m managing my way through the jaw pain, becoming desperate researching everything, every new treatment, willing to try anything, completely desperate I go on holiday

    first night, I was bitten by a mosquito, which then becomes infected and I develop cellitus. I have a course of antibiotics on holiday and swelling, redness goes quite quick. Get back from holidays and within a month, I start to feel really tired all the time

    now, I’m a gym goer. Mid 30’s, good shape, young family, but I felt wiped out. I obviously stopped everything, saw the dr and went on another round of hospital tours, this time rheumatologists and neouologists. Had every blood test they do and all came back clear so I was discharged. Still fatigued! And really worried as I wasn’t making this up, I was in pain and I was so tired.

    As my jaw pain, I’m a keen researcher and found a graded exercise programme which I started, very boring, very slow but I’ve been working my way through that. Pushing myself at times even if I feel too tired to do. This often causes more fatigue the next day or two but I really want to cling to the exercise as I feel great when I do it. It’s one of the few things I can still do

    as well as this, I’ve developed ibs (checked via camera and all clear!) and costrocondritus (chest pain) and neck pain (slight displacement in one of the top parts of spine)

    that’s me, in a nutshell. Tired and in pain!

    my main concern with this approach is that I see a lot of people talk about flare ups. I don’t think I have flare ups as I feel the pain is constant. I’m really willing to make this work and I’m committed to believing it will, I hope it does..
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  2. ssxl4000

    ssxl4000 Well known member

    Hello and welcome! I beat IBS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) with TMS treatment. I had IBS, starting with a very stressful time in college, for about 12 years. It kept getting worse and various life stressors piled up until it put me into the hospital. I contracted mono, and a 16 month nightmare ensued. Despite my bloodwork showing mono was gone within a month or two, I continually felt worse. Rather than jumping into details, I will say that IBS and CFS are almost always TMS (especially if you have already been through the medical ringer as you described).

    Regarding flare ups, everybody is different, so you may or may not experience that. I get mild ones on occasion, despite being "healed" for 2.5 years. Recovery is not always a straight line, so that is normal.

    Feel free to message me any specific questions or concerns you have. Here is an article specific to CFS that kickstarted my recovery if you want more reading material:

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/unlearn-your-pain/201606/explaining-the-unexplainable-chronic-fatigue-syndrome (Explaining the Unexplainable: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
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