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tiredness getting in the way

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by heleng, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Hey everybody

    I haven't posted for a while. I have been feeling much more positive and have had a lot less pain and when I do get it the pain seems to move around at an almost ridiculous speed, sometimes completely migrating to the other side of my body where I have never felt the pain before. I like it when that happens as I see it for what it is, desperation on the part of my subconscious. It makes me smile even though it hurts.

    I am having an issue with tiredness at the moment, its been happening off and on for a couple of weeks now. I find a wave of exhaustion hits me often when I am trying to examine things psychologically or when I am reading some of the recommended books for mind body connection. At first I didn't think about it much but now I feel its a form of distraction as if my mind says, no I refuse to let you think differently, here have a yawn and heavy eyelids. The sleepiness doesn't last long but its quite frustrating.

    Has anybody else experienced this? I am not scared by it, am more fascinated but would still like it to stop

    Many thanks

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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Helen. I wouldn't worry about feelings of tiredness when thinking psychologically or reading about TMS.
    I fall asleep reading anything, including TMS books. I just figure that deep thinking makes me sleepy.
    If I read a little late at night, I feel sleepy and go to bed. It helps me to fall asleep.

    Reading has always been kind of a tranquilizer to me. I welcome it.
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  3. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member


    Good to see you improving, I can tell in your posts above you have come a long way.

    Chronic fatigue is another manifestation of tms. Although being tired every now and then is normal when working on emotional stuff. Your body and mind are changing. I wouldn't give it to much attention, just keep chugging along, goodluck.

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  4. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Hi Walt

    Thanks, I can usually read for hours and I find I can still do that except with TMS books, they have an affect on me that I am sort of suspicious of almost....I think I have realised how subtle the subconscious is at trying to distract me and I feel this is another little game it is playing with me. That subconscious of mine is a sneaky so and so....but I see it as all good signs that change is occurring.
  5. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Hi Ryan

    Thanks for your message. I am not tired all the time just when I read about TMS...but thinking about it I am sleeping better in general and on days when I dont need to get up early I am sleeping later. I think you are right, things are changing. I have been really plagued with insomnia most of my life and I now find falling asleep and staying asleep much easier.

    I am at the point where when I notice something I am pleased but then I try not to analyse it too much....which I guess by making this post means I still like to over analyse...oops :)

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