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Tinnitus (ringing in ear) a new symptom?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by corri d, Dec 10, 2021.

  1. corri d

    corri d New Member

    Hello everyone. First, I want to say what a relief to have a space where I feel like I can relate so much with others going through similar struggles. I am so grateful to all the doctors and therapists that make so many free resources available. I wanted to hear others experiences with new symptoms and multiple symptoms at once. I have struggled with migraines and neck pain for years and I have been seeing great improvement since starting my healing journey through pain reprocessing technics. Only to have new symptoms arise. I have read in the book "tell me about your pain" and listened to many recovery stories where this is a normal part of the recovery journey. My question is, how do I truly know these new symptoms are neuroplastic pain? I have ringing in my ear now that I have never had. The ENT doctor says he cannot find anything structurally wrong with my ear, so I am leaning toward it being neuroplastic but I still question. Has anyone else had this particular symptom of tinnitus? If so, has anyone had success curing with pain reprocessing therapy?
  2. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome to the forum! Tinnitus is known to be TMS, there have been many posts about tinnitus here. Shifting and new symptoms is a very typical response of your brain to being re-wired. Stay the course!
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  3. Pauly95

    Pauly95 Newcomer

    Hi, As I dealing with a similar problem, I thought of sharing my experience here. The continual ringing, loud thumping noise in my head began to sound like a bass guitar that repeated itself. As it progressed I became more stressed, and certain medical issues, such as high blood pressure, exacerbated the situation. After a hearing test, my audiologist recommended that if incorporating sound into my evening routine doesn't help or if I feel disoriented while the ringing is active, I should start using ear protection to safeguard the hearing issue. He also advised, the utilizing of an electronic device to suppress the noise with another masking device. These devices, which were worn in the ear worked in a similar way as hearing aids, creating a continuous, low-level white noise that helped to reduce the tinnitus symptoms. I've been following my audiologist's advice and have seen a difference in my condition. The hearing has now been largely addressed, nevertheless, it would not have been resolved without a considerable period of time spent not listening to loud music or not listening to music at all.
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  4. corri d

    corri d New Member

    Thank you for sharing your experience and im glad you have found some relief! Was the ringing for you stemming from hearing loss? My ent dr checked for hearing loss and found none for me, so hearing aids he said would not solve my problem. Do you think your tinnitus symptoms were made worse by stress or possibly caused by stress? Im thinking mine are or may be and im trying to find others who have found relief from this issuing using pain reprocessing therapy. If you dont mind me asking do you have other neuroplastic symptoms?

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