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Thoughts about obligations and responsibilities

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Xara, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    I realized how mad and angry I become ( suppressed of course) about being the exclusive responsible person for the decisions considering home and the upbringing of my child. I am married but because of the long hours my husband works, it is almost like I am single mother. I feel pressure about whatever :p, our diet, education, whatever relates to the child (5 years old boy) among with my life (job, education, personal life, all I need for well being. In reality, I realized I am fed up trying to have everything perfect. Besides, trying to be perfect, leads me to great expectations, so I then become disappointed.
    All these feelings contribute to the increasing of the symptoms.
    Any insight about this? Making decisions about a child is inevitable and a parent's role, but why do I feel so pressed with all this situation? What does the inner child try to tell me?
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Have you addressed this issue in your journaling exercises? It's the perfect topic - if you write with complete honesty, and without editing what you put down.

    Dr. Sarno would probably ask whether you have repressed feelings, wishing that you never became a mother. This would be a normal thought that parents have had since humans started having thoughts - but since it's so negative and unacceptable, it's perfect for your brain to repress it so that you don't acknowledge and accept it as normal.

    The same thing applies to thoughts about your husband and your marriage. Let it all out - all the bad thoughts, no matter what they are.

    Then, of course, be sure to destroy the paper you've been writing on. You do not need to keep any of it!
  3. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    Thanks @JanAtheCPA.
    I had a break searching what is going on and at the current period of time I tend to be more conscious about my feelings. Besides other help I get, I find very useful the information here, " it gets to the target directly ".
    Besides, I think it has to do with all responsibilities I have taken during life and childhood.
    We are lucky you are retired and have time to answer! :p
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  4. mbo

    mbo Well known member

    "Love comes from hate" or "It is a thin line between love and hate"
    Both popular statements are wrong/false.
    Love and hate are the two faces of a coin named "life".
    One part of us (our "adult") loves, while the other part (our "child") hates.
    The "adult" is full of responsibilities and commintments, while the "child" aspires to pleasures and an egotic/narcisistic existence. A real "civil war" is underway in your mind, far away from your awareness/knowledge, because of your unnacepted/unnacceptable/denied childish part.

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