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Day 8 This is my first post - feeling very unsure

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Dancing in the Rain, Jun 24, 2022.

  1. Dancing in the Rain

    Dancing in the Rain New Member

    Hi, this is my first post and I’m feeling nervous.

    I have had calf pain and cramps, knee pain which moves around, and numbness and tingling in parts of my feet, and back pain that comes and goes, for over 6 months. Also occasional painful rib cramps. This has become very life restricting and and caused me a huge amount of distress and worry.

    I have had a CT scan, a neurological examination, and an MRI scan. Also numerous blood tests which were all pretty much normal.

    I did have chemo for breast cancer over 5 years ago, and thankfully I’ve been reassured all is clear from that, which was my first concern. (Also, it’s worth saying I did not have any chemo induced neuropathy in my feet during in or after treatment, and now these pain symptoms are far too long after the treatment to be chemo related).

    The neurologist I saw has said it’s probably small fibre neuropathy - I was told this decision by letter and advised to try gabapentin, or similar, which I am very hesitant to take due to potential side effects. The results of the MRI were also sent by letter, and said I had a couple of bulging disks, maybe one is slightly touching a nerve but not entrapping it, and that the neurologist only recommends conservative treatment with pain killers and manipulation.

    The leg and feet problems in particular can be particularly debilitating. The letter about the MRI is stuck in my mind and it’s difficult to move on from it. The neurologist has also booked me in for a nerve conduction study which is in a couple of week’s time, and I am so worried about getting another letter afterwards which may get something else unhelpful stuck in my mind. However he said he does not think it will show anything and is only ordering it (and the previous MRI) to ‘put my mind at rest’!

    Over the months I have tried a chiropractor, 2 osteopaths, massage, acupuncture, and a physio, but each one comes up with a different explanation and none have brought much relief.

    I am trying to make myself do more exercise - I volunteer at a gardens, I try and walk and do yoga and aqua fitness, but I’ve had to cut these right down due to the amount of discomfort I’m in.

    I am thinking these issues could be TMS - for a number of reasons.

    1. The feet problems started after a really stressful time at work when I was physically but also mentally stretched beyond my capacity with no support. 2. They then developed into leg and back problems during a period of another very stressful time in my life. 3. The rib pains started quite a long time ago on the day before my mother and law’s funeral. 4. Symptoms have been heightened since my beloved dog was diagnosed with cancer and she has now not got long left with us 5. I had some very early childhood traumatic events, for which I have been having ongoing psychotherapy, although this has not helped to relieve the physical pains (so far). 6. The cancer treatment and then the pandemic made my stress levels multiply hugely. 7. Due to previous cancer treatment I find any medical visits very anxiety provoking and this then just seems to exasperate symptoms.

    I am becoming convinced the various pains are TMS as I work through the education program and started reading some recommended TMS books, but I’m having a hard time convincing my brain about it. Hence this post in the hope of some moral support.

    I’m sorry it’s turned out to be such a long message, I hope some kind person might have the time to think through some of this with me! Thank you!
  2. Perks

    Perks Newcomer

    Hi. Today was my first post too and I have to say, my feelings have matched yours with starting this program. In all I've read, the message I keep reminding myself of is "stay the course. If all these people got better, so can I". Now I just have to convince myself to do it. So while I don't have many words to share, I do want to say I'm glad you are here and here's to working through this program! welcomea
  3. Dancing in the Rain

    Dancing in the Rain New Member

    Thank you for replying Perks, is good to know we can be working through some of this at the same time. Glad you’re here too! wavea
  4. hawaii_five0

    hawaii_five0 Well known member

    hi Dancing: this sounds so much like TMS. Especially since you have had so many inconclusive tests and seen so many specialists, pain that moves around, plus the other stress-inducing events. If you are thinking/obsessing about the physical symptoms all the time during your day, that is also a sure giveaway that this is a TMS thing.

    There are various "Do I have TMS?" tests you can take online (maybe you have done this), for example Dan Buglio has one here:
    https://www.danbuglio.com/paintest (Take the Pain Test — Dan Buglio - Your Pain Free Coach & TMS Expert). I like him particularly because he posts daily short videos on YT, which I find very calming and reassuring. Hope it helps.
  5. Dancing in the Rain

    Dancing in the Rain New Member

    Thank you Hawaii that’s really helpful. I’m going to check out that link later.
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