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Thinking sudden hearing loss and foot callus pain is a tms...

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Libelula, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Libelula

    Libelula New Member

    I have had loads of tms symptoms before. Mostly I have successfully addressed them but two are still bothersome and I’d like some reassurance if anyone else has had them. One is I like to run but developed a callus on the side/bottom of both big toes - it’s called pinch callus. For the past 6 months I couldn’t run and couldn’t even walk far. Then I got fed up and dismissed the pain and inflammation as a tms and it has improved greatly. Only thing is I started running again 3 days ago and the pinch callus is quite red and bruised looking. Pain is still improving but the swollen callus messes with my mind! Anyone else had this?
    My other tricky thing is About 4 years ago we were going through terrible stress and I got weird hearing distortion in my left ear. Voices seemed to have a echo behind them and music sounded all wrong. That slowly settled leaving me with hearing loss in that ear which is in the mid to low frequency. Audiologist looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested it might be stress induced. Anyway I also now have tinnitus in that ear which hardly bothers me because I chose not to focus on it so it goes out of my conscious mind. But it would be useful to have full hearing back, I find it difficult to follow conversations with background noise now or find my ringing phone when it’s hidden cos I can’t tell where it is. I can’t use the left ear for the phone without missing words. Has anyone had this as a tms?
    In case it encourages anyone I’ve had fantastic success in treating the following as tms: hives and angioedema; vertigo; vision migraine (where you see a bright light that spreads across your vision in a broken pattern leaving temporary blindness in the mid part); severe indigestion, swimming induced shoulder pain and possibly pregnancy pelvic instability (not sure this was an tms but it sure felt like one looking back plus it silightly reoccurred when I did some emotional trauma work which indicates it was a tms to start with).
    Tms is a rollercoaster for me but I’d prefer these to a physical illness!
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