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Thinking about pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by rain, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. rain

    rain New Member

    I'm curious how much time people consciously/unconsciously spend thinking about their pain.

    At the forefront and background of my mind are always these fear/pressure thoughts:
    it is still hurting
    when will this stop?
    why did this new pain start?
    I wish I hadn't done <that> to trigger this new pain
    how will I feel a month from now?
    what can I do now to make the pain bearable?

    Prior to starting the TMS program (about 10 days ago), I used to keep (for over 4 months now) a detailed pain diary and spreadsheet tracking pain, giving it numbers and describing what made it better/worse. I've stopped maintaining that diary since starting the TMS program. I don't know if not doing it has made any discernible difference so far, but I do realize that I've almost always been preoccupied with the fear/pressure thoughts since my pain started 18 months ago.

    Reading more about TMS has given me some insight into how obsessing over pain can have a negative effect in terms of reinforcing the pain cycle. I'm trying to convert that obsessing into something positive - like using the times when I feel those thoughts to tell myself that the pain might not be structural and trying to identify what emotional triggers might be causing/worsening it.

    I hope that over time I can reduce the time spent thinking about it, but would like to know how you deal with it.

  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Hi Rain,

    As you read about TMS you will learn more about how and why we have mind body symptoms. I suggest you start an evidence sheet, if you haven't already. The more you learn the more evidence you will have. Then use the sheet to reassure your brain that it is not physical. This assumes that you know it isn't physical, so you must figure that out. Learning more will help you with that. Hopefully you will be able to say to yourself it isn't structural, rather than might not be.

    I don't know how much time to spend. Just gently change what you are thinking and saying.
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  3. rain

    rain New Member

    Thanks for your reply. good point about the evidence sheet. I just started it a couple of days ago and it feels good to be filling it up. I don't think I can honestly, with 100% confidence, say that it is 0% physical. I would like to be able to say and believe that, but don't think I'm there yet. I think the TMS aspect is exacerbating the underlying physical issues and I'm glad to be able to work on it. Reading success stories, journaling, making my way through the SEP (I'm on day 13 now) and filling in the evidence sheet is helping me get to a point where I hope to be able to confidently say it's not physical :)

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