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Day 2 Things that make me...

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by scboymom, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. scboymom

    scboymom Newcomer

    Sharing here so I can be transparent and open with other humans!

    3 Things That Make Me Mad!!!

    1. (person) laughing when I forget something

    2. (person) gritting his teeth and raising his voice at the boys

    3. (person) groaning and gritting his teeth when I do something he doesn’t like

    3 Things That Make Me Sad
    1. (son) getting hit or falling and crying, or getting weepy and trying not to cry

    2. (son) getting his spirit broken and crying once he is over-mad

    3. (son) crying when (person) talks down to him

    3 Things That Irritate Me
    1. Crunchy mouth noises

    2. (person) laying around and asking me to bring him food, drinks, kids, having me chase after kids while he lays on the bed

    3. Having Mom patronize me or ask about things that are going on with me in a way that makes me think she doesn’t care or thinks I’m doing something wrong, or her having an opinion or judgement that she resentfully just doesn’t tell me
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