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The Weightlifters Dilemma - Looking for Advice

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by YouWillOvercome, Sep 22, 2023.

  1. YouWillOvercome

    YouWillOvercome Newcomer

    Hi folks,

    For a little background, I used to be very active in the TMS communities for years during my pain cycles, but have not in the past few years as I beat my major pain issues (at the time, it was back and hip, which I overcame talking to others about TMS and reading Sarno's books).

    I have noticed myself struggling with chronic lower-level pain and soreness (stiffness). Much of this I have always attributed to low recovery from weight lifting, as I have always viewed weight lifting, mobility issues, and DOMS outside of the TMS world. However, I am starting to wonder what others think about this because it seems to have more and more of a pattern for me as to when I feel that pain, and I am questioning everything around it, making it feel like there are some TMS elements.

    the past few years, I have had many issues with weight lifting and never recovered from the soreness. (I got married in that time frame, have had financial stress, and bought a house - lots of natural stressors during this time). However, I have attributed this chronic soreness/tightness to mobility issues, not stretching enough from my workout or poor nutrition. This sends me into a frenzy of "How can I change my diet to fix this," "How can I stretch or do more Yoga to fix this." etc... But that has me thinking, is that even an issue? I am 28; should I be dealing with these pains from only four days of lifting a week? To me, asking these questions puts me back into a TMS mindset, which scares me, thinking something is wrong with myself when there might be nothing wrong.

    But, then again, there are so many people in the fitness world who talk about the things about actually having an impact (mobility issues, posture issues, nutrition issues [my nutrition is pretty good, mostly health], stretching issues, overwork issues, etc.). This worries me.

    Final Questions
    1. Has anyone experienced poor recovery and chronic stiffness symptoms that they attributed to lifting but have found out that it was TMS?

    2. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to deal with this?
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is where 'advertising in your own head' is very important. Sarno's "Medieval Structural Medical Model" is alive and well...just look at the IRL on any Baseball or football team!
    That is where Sarno's chapters on what is NOT 'real' injuries is sooooo priceless. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a new 'symptom' that seems 'real'...that is, NOT TMS (in my beliefs) and then turns out absolutely to be TMS.

    When you are in the sports or workout world, you are being bombed by misinformation all of the time. It makes it hard to sort out what is and isn't TMS... That's where re-reading the texts and coming on this support forum help out a lot.

    So these moments? :
    Yeah.. that sounds like TMS. The events always start with a physical thing, like feeling stiff or a stab of something....However, when carefully examined it seems like these are only doorways for TMS to sneak in...that's why vigilance is so important. Sarno said "today's work is preventing tomorrows pain " and "I don't treat pain, I treat the cause"

    I often find when I get out of my truck, I am stiff and hobbly....but if My unconscious decides I need a distraction (to help of course) It will turn into a pain issue...so when I feel it I have to say "No way.... not buying today. There is nothing wrong with me...I am just a little overwhelmed with ______(fill in blank)______ and y'all need to split right now!"

    I have been working out for a few months now after sloughing off awhile. A lot of hard ones..with some running mixed in. Squats triggered some sciatica/hip crap which I 'fought off' and Running started some foot pain which I have also fought off...both TMS... The Hip/sciatica was easier to recognize, because I have squatted like that for awhile pain free... the running was new and it took the insight of a forum member to ask me the right questions to recognize it for what it was.

    So to your questions?
    Review Sarno's work, set aside some reflection time, and when You are working out use 'self talk'...literally talk to the symptom, you're brain, whatever "Not believing you Bro... nothing wrong with me.. I am really concerned about ______(blank)______ ".

    That has helped me stay pain free for 25 years. I am 58 and still working construction, pretending I am a 28 year old (LOL)

    shout at me if you have any Q's.


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