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The symptom imperative

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by North Star, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    There are times that I just have to laugh over the symptom imperative. My right achilles was swollen for the better part of 3 years. I received PT, orthotics, chiropractic, etc. And of course, there was never a solid reason for it.

    It pretty much looks normal now.

    Cue to the left achilles. I'm not kidding you. The swelling comes and goes. It was looking rather dramatic the other day. It's just ridiculous. I no longer panic when I feel the familiar tightness….I know it's TMS and it will settle down shortly. And it does.

    Another thing occurred to me today also. I've had leg pain return with a vengeance. Mostly in my calf…the darn shin splint that crippled me for over 10 years. It first started when we were selling our house and moving out of state. I think it was symbolic of a fear of moving forward.

    So here I am again. The "For Sale" sign is up and we're planning on moving out of state. I had to laugh when I realized the leg pain return isn't coincidental. (And btw, I can hardly wait to get out of here; there will be no tears shed when we leave. But yes, it is still stressful. )

    I am so glad I know about TMS because I know I'd be chasing after PT again and more panicked than ever.
  2. chickenbone

    chickenbone Well known member

    Oh I know exactly what you mean. Even before I realized it myself, my husband used to tell me that as soon one of my mysterious symptoms went away, another symptom started. I am also seeing more and more incidents of mental upset or distress causing symptoms. It is so obvious and I think I sort of have it on the run. My reflux went away last week and the only day I got it back was when I was really freaked out about my upcoming trip. Today I received unpleasant news at the dentist and got a twinge of back pain, which I was just telling my husband I have not had for a long time. Then that disappeared and now I have a little reflux. It is just really remarkable.
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  3. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yay to the For Sale sign! You have been wanting to move. It is extremely stressful, but oh the relief that follows ....

    Run to the sun, my friend :)

    I've noticed heat flashes are associated with change in emotion. Since I rather liked heat flashes, I am not overly pleased that they are diminishing. Being always cold can be challenging, but they say I will live forever, because of the very low blood pressure. So, that gives me plenty of time to tackle this TMS. Mhmm ;)

    Another 'yay' for you, Chickenbone ... reflux is alarming for the damage it can do. I am very glad for you that it is diminishing.

    We are all so totally rockin!

    with grace, and much gratitude,
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  4. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, North Star. I'm glad you're feeling positive about the move, and you know that even then
    moving can be stressful. In those times, which I've been in because of some earlier moves,
    I make two lists. One is a list of the things I'll be glad to leave behind. The other is a list of
    all the good things about going to a new house or city. The lists may even look alike in some cases,
    but the thing is to reflect on the good that is going to come from the move.

    Chickenbone, if your dentist said you need a root canal, I'd get a second and maybe even
    a third opinion. Root canals are expensive and who ever heard of them before about ten years ago?

    My dentist said I needed six fillings (for $100 or more each) and I said I'd wait until I had a toothache.
    That was twelve years ago and I never had a toothache.
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  5. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Chickenbone, I was thinking about you after reading your post…when I had a return of heartburn. LOL. I'm fine today.

    Lily Rose, I get very excited when I think about moving. We're old pros at moving….I quite counting after about 25 times. Walt, my list of the things of what I'm glad to leave behind is quite lengthy. I was so upset about moving back to Montana 3 years ago, I was very tempted to tell my husband to go on without me. And it's been one damn thing after another since we moved here so GOOD RIDDANCE!

    One of my mantras has been, "If you make a decision and it turns out to be a bad one, make another decision." Our decision to leave is our "another" one.

    Speaking of root canals, Walt. I had a horrible tooth that tortured me for about 3 years. I had a crown inlay, a new filling and I know my dentist wanted to do a root canal and crown. (Would have been about $1,500 at least.) I drew the line there and had the thing pulled. Fortunately it was a back tooth so the gap isn't noticeable. I was petrified of an extraction and it turned out to be such a non-event after the excruciating toothaches. The bill was still over $100 but the insurance covered it.

    Dentistry drives me batty. Especially when they ask, "What don't you like about your smile?" (READ: What sort of cosmetic dental procedures can we sell you on?) And my dentist already knows not to try to get me to get my wisdom teeth out. (They are fine!) I told him he may pry them from my cold, dead jaw. haha
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  6. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    Oddly, I had extra 'reflux' in the middle of the night. Stop sharing the pain, please ;)

    Another thing we have in common, Lady North Star ... though my total moves are just crossing into 20. My husband wants to find a place to 'settle' down. I cannot imagine 'settling' on any one place, though I am very rapidly sinking roots here. My favorite security is the motorhome. A 34-foot rig with even a bathtub. Old, but still livable. It is on wheels, which is my form of security. I can 'flee' any time. Disappear if I have to. Otherwise, I am really enjoying our 2 acres, and unveiling the land and nurturing it.

    Living really IS an adventure ....

    with grace and gratitude,
  7. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    We will stop talking about GER…uh, you know…as of right now!

    My soul sister, Lily Rose! My dream home is an RV. And I LOVE the idea of mobility and living underneath the radar. Of course, with three kids, this lifestyle is still a few years away. We did RV one summer but it just didn't work out at that time. Live and learn...

    Sometimes I've worried that our frequent moves have adversely affected my kids but one day my 16-year-old son told me he was happy that we've moved around because he realizes what a big world we live in AND he appreciates having friends all around the country.

    I wouldn't mind settling down but I want it to be in a paid for tiny house on a little plot of land that can raise veggies. And maybe Gambles Quail just for the delight of watching them.. My wants are few. :)

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