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The Road to Recovery

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lowdy84, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. lowdy84

    lowdy84 Newcomer

    Tomorrow I shall be celebrating two weeks of being pain free after a 3 month spell of agonising, unrelenting pain.

    I have been suffering with my pain on and off for three years and was disheartened for it to return in July this year after a good pain-free spell of around 18 months or so. Interestingly, during this heavenly 18-month pain-free period I became burdened with debilitating OCD and intrusive thoughts. Little did I realise at that time that my emotional pain manifesting as physical pain now presented itself as a psychological one.

    Looking back at my life, I have come to the realisation that most of my inexplicable ailments have been the result of TMS.

    Two weeks ago I received an absolution from the specialist in my area of pain - there was absolutely nothing physically wrong with me. She insinuated that my anxiety around the possibility of physical disease was leading to my benign pain. At first I felt insulted that she was even suggesting that all this pain, the pain that was slowly but surely driving me to a very dark place, was conjured up by my very own brain - how dare she! Despite this, I had already begun the train of thought that maybe, just maybe something more was at play here...my very own emotional turmoil. What that doctor told me that day must have resonated strongly with me because ever since then I have been effectively pain-free. It's like I needed some sort of validation that I am OK. To further research this realisation, I frantically started googling mind-body disorders and came across Dr Sarno and TMS. I have never felt so atuned to anything my entire life - everything he proposed struck a cord with me. Why hadn't I come across his work sooner? I have now purchased the 'Mind Body Prescription' and I hope that by reading this it will further embed my belief in the truth that is emotional connectivity to physical disorders. Never again will I treat my mind and body as two separate entities - they are both part of the same system.

    I am at a very early stage of my recovery but now that I have the tools to hand I now know that I will positively succeed in this journey.
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