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The quervain DONE. TMS symptoms coming back, going, still here and others.

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by emporeon027, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    Hi, i want to update my status first, some times my hands hurts ony when i`m tiping just like right now, but you know thats how TMS works, any way my tumbs are fin, they dont click or hurt any more.

    I`m back to exercies, my legs doesnt hurt anymore when i`m swiming in any stile so good. BUT i still some laterla leg pain, some times it moves to my toes, or to my other leg. its the hell anyoing, I know its TMS i dont have any douths any more.

    I got a preaty bad relationship with my mom and i live with here, i can spen hour sinting when i`m playing some videogames with my bro for hours, and nothing happens (most of the time) but if i`m studing or something like that it can hurts quite a bit. Some times when i `m working, but you see i`m a digital artist, so i really spend time working for payment or personal stuff. yesterday i was really enjoy it something and not pain, some times like right now my pain goes from my leg to my uper back there, its really less anoyng so it really last short.

    Also not Tinnytus at all anymore, not more frequem urination as well, But since i tell my seft that i`m fine this is fine, i do stuff to show my body that i`m fine, i`m doing some leg workout to open my hips and do better kicks (hapkidostuff) and not pain, but when i`m workin with my apps some exercices giveme back pain, so anyone can help me with that? i really know that everything that i have its TMS, sarno its right i can feel so much anger inside me, some times when i write i feel that i really pushing hard the pencil, and other kind of stuff like that, but tha pain still there, i know that when the time comes i will be 100 free symptoms, but still some times i just feel like, this is taking to much.

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