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The proper TMS Response to a "flare-up."

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by TomPNY, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. TomPNY

    TomPNY Peer Supporter

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I managed to use Dr Sarno's techniques to cure myself from a pretty nasty back injury, only to end up with this sort of all over the body pain, joint popping, tendonitis, tension that I haven't been able to put back it its cage for a couple of years now.

    As I've read and re-read a lot of posts, books, etc that helped me with my back. I've become inundated with data. I may know what of my biggest missing puzzle pieces, so I need some advice.

    Because these flare-ups are "everywhere" and can be different places at different times, curtailing my responses is a lot more difficult than before. For example - when I get out of bed, my hand may be asleep already when I wake up, and thats already done... then my knuckles will be sore, so I'll feel like I need to crack them but as I step out of bed, my feet crack and usually are achy. Going down the stairs I may feel the need to put my elbow in place, or stretch my thoracic spine because thats sore, and my neck is all knotted... and my knee will pop and want to be stretched after.

    You see where this is going... And I could have days strung together like this where it occurs all day - when I get out of a chair, after I'm standing for too long, and so on.

    It was easy to handle with back pain because I could catch the back pain and before I react, reel it in and tell myself what it isn't, and calm myself, and try to go psychological - and stay there till it passed.

    Now? This stuff happens in a chain. Before I can even address one thing psychologically, I'm flaring up in two other spots. I don't' know what to do with it at this point, because I can't juggle the diversity of these different physical sensations with trying to keep on the psychological plane. Its like a jackhammer at me.

    And for the first time, I'm getting really depressed when this happens.

    My hands are flared up right now - because I an PRETTY confident my mind doesnt' want me sharing this info ;) - but along with it are my wrists and my left shoulder. And I know when I stand up, my ankle will crack, and there will be some burning pain in one of my feet.

    At one point, I was excited because it was "on the move" from my back pain as so many folks here say is a great accomplishment. Well, it moved in and has taken residence for the past year+. And I want it out.

    Thanks for any input. Would be great.
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member


    I know the feeling all to well, as the great doctor said as long as one is preoccupied with the symptoms they will persists. You need to get your mind off your body and go and live life. If you keep scanning your body the tms beasts will feed off of this. The symptom imperative is hard to overcome but dont let your brain take you to doubting that you will heal. Just trust deeply everything is ok and you will heal. Its just your brains way of gettimg to you by scaring you with another symptom. reading some of Alan Gordons sections of his program.

    It also seems that you are fearing the symptoms. You want them to leave so badly and they have preoccupied you, just what the tms beasts wants you to do. Each time a symptom comes it's a chance to empower your self over the fear of the symptom. Have acceptance that the symptom is there and let yourself know everything will be ok. Acceptance is a true gift once you find out how to truly do it. Live in the present moment and try to do things you enjoy. Find your purpose in life and enjoy each day as if it were your last.

    Keep at it and know everything is coming to you in its own time. You will heal, faith and perseverance go a long way. Being preoccupied with trying to heal so quickly will only keep you stuck. Let go and surrender, let life unfold, it will not give you more than you can handle. Best of luck, hope this helps. We are what we believe.

  3. uly789

    uly789 New Member

    I know for myself what really helped was returning to a physical activity as soon as possible. Especially the physical activity that is feared. If it is back pain try not to think of the limitations and instead go about your business as much as possible.
  4. TomPNY

    TomPNY Peer Supporter

    ULy that is a great point. I beat my back pain with kettlebell swings... I got up to over 52kg pretty quickly. This all over body stuff has made it hard to take on anything because I fear that the stablitliy issues it creates and lack of co five cents in my body Could lead to something worse.
    I realized right there that I'm causing my own issues with this. But it's tough to get around.

    Ryan. Your post was so very helpful and had stuff for me. Thank you so much.

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