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The Presence Process - Share Experiences & Ask Questions

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by BrianC, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    No problem. :)
  2. Stephenh

    Stephenh New Member

    Hi Brian, I am 5 weeks into my first PP and I think I am releasing lots of repressed energy and emotions. I am also a recovering alcoholic which came to a head last May on a holiday in Greece where I was very ill and my back area "went" (Pre TMS speak) and I have had pain ever since. I have been in recovery for 7 months now and my life getting better and better apart from the constant chronic pain I am getting, hence why I was recommended the Presence Process form Georgie Oldfield a TMS specialist. My question is can you breath more than twice a day or is that not recommended? Thanks Steve
  3. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Hi, Stephen. Good to have you here sharing your experiences.

    Alcoholism is a rough road, so it's good to hear you're having success overcoming it.

    Backpack is rough, too. I experience that periodically, but not too bad. It's an issue with repressed shame in the gut area, usually, that disrupts digestion, which weakens the lower back muscles and the deltoids. If your pain is mid-back, that's often a heart issue. Mine's caused by a repressed self-hate. Good luck with the back issues. Mine are better since TPP.

    You can breathe as much as you want each day for as long as you like. There are times when I've breathed for 3 hours straight in the mornings. Just depends. The more you breathe, the faster your progress, usually.

    Glad to hear you're processing lots of emotions. Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences with TPP.
  4. Stephenh

    Stephenh New Member

    Thanks Brian that helps me a lot my back pain has just returned as I am due to go on holiday on Friday and that's where it started.

    I felt a twinge this morning after having a real emotional dream about drinking which seemed so real.

    Any tips for relieving the pain?

  5. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Stephen, I forgot to mention, I was in Recovery for 2 1/2 years. It's very helpful for stopping addictions. There are a couple of issues with it to be aware of, though.

    1. I don't recommend saying, "Hi, my name is Stephen, and I'm an alcoholic." That's programming your brain an heart to see yourself as an alcoholic, which isn't true. That's a label and a judgment about yourself. It can lock a person into repression and dumping. A better introduction is, "Hi, my name is Stephen, and I've experienced addiction," or you can specify alcoholism if you like. But that's a more true statement that won't program you.

    2. I think TPP mentions this, but Recovery has you go from one addiction to another addiction--the addiction of dumping on others. Just be aware of that. I didn't have an addiction as dangerous as alcohol, so I got out of Recovery and back into my addiction so I could figure out a more self-sufficient way to deal with it. But that's just me.

    As for you back pain, all I can say is to get rid of the idea of wanting to get rid of it and change to accepting it as it is and telling it thanks for teaching you whatever it's teaching you. Also, relax into the pain rather than fighting it. Embrace it as a friend, because remember...it's basically a little child inside of you that needs to be loved who's causing the pain.

    Only other thing is eat lots of vegetables and no sugar or unhealthy stuff. It'll balance your digestive tract so the lower back pain stops. That's just on thing you can do.

    Good luck.
  6. Abhisek Khanal

    Abhisek Khanal Newcomer

    Hey Brian, sorry you may have missed this small post earlier.

    thank you for your discussion. I have a specific question to ask. What should be the temperature of the water in water-session? Isn't body emperatre (37 degree Celsius, 97 Fahrenheit) too hot for water session?
  7. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    Whoops! Sorry about missing your post.

    TPP says to do the water sessions at 98.6 degrees (body temperature) or higher. Mine were very hot. The water cools down the longer you're in it, so I made them very hot and stayed in a long time.

    Hope that helps! Good luck. Look forward to hearing your experiences with TPP.
  8. Stephenh

    Stephenh New Member

    Hi Brian,

    That's great advise thanks do you have any tips for stopping your mind wandering during breathing sessions?

    Also I have been crying quite a lot I take it that's emotional charge coming out?

    Thanks Steve
  9. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Yeah, crying is the beginning of integration. Once something is sufficiently grieved, it can intagrate. I use music to start integrations a lot. Some music just brings thankfulness and joy in the present moment, which begins integrations. Pretty cool. If you'll go backward a few pages in this thread, I shared a few links of songs from a specific composer on YouTube I use for intagrations. I do it while I'm in my car. Works great. That composer, Thomas Bergersen, is awesome. Very powerful music. Find his Skyworld album on YouTube for free and listen to it. That's the best one.

    The more you practice and the more you integrate, the more your mind will slow during breathing. It varies, but it'll get better. The mind does that when emotions are coming up. It's attempting to repress them.

    Good luck!
  10. sufferingworld

    sufferingworld Newcomer

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for this generous thread! and thanks to all folks here.

    I have not read all the posts partly out of fear that a lot of mental analysis might affect my TPP progress, and may be primarily because i have some problems with my eyes so I have been unable to read much or use computers much for like last two years. I am on week 6 of my 3rd TPP and I don't feel like I have integrated enough. I feel like I have put enough effort with the things that TPP requires but for some reason it is just not giving as crazy results as many people claim.
    I have made some progress with regards to being sensitive, and knowing how to remain on one's own, and being able to accept a let go of conflict with my mom. I guess these are huge progress for me in one year of a time but the reason I started TPP is because I have chronic health issue (sort of undiagnosed) that has made me homestuck for last three years and there has been only some percentage of change in this issue.

    Because I did not have access to hot shower or bathtub for the last two TPP, I did not do water session? Do you think water session plays a very important role? May be not having done water sessions in the past slowed down my progress? I managed to have access for water session finally and I am little nervous, excited and overly expectant which all might make it less successful.

    Anyways, just posting in for the first time, and trying to connect to possible mentors here. just appreciate any comments man!
  11. Stephenh

    Stephenh New Member

    Thanks Brian did you also get a lot of resonance feelings through your body (like shaking).

    At what point did your back start getting better with TPP, mine felt great and now the pain came back in week 6

    Thanks Steve
  12. Lightkeeper1986

    Lightkeeper1986 Newcomer

    Hey gang

    I have some questions about the pp. I've recently attempted it and quit at around week 10, in having a difficult time beginning again, but definitely would like to get back to the higher frequency that the pp gave me . Has anyone had similar struggles ?

    Also, I is there anyway someone could explain in greater detail how they access the felt resonance stages that are involved with the pp. I found this to be the most challenging material to digest and apply. Most of my attempts at this mode of being, I think involved a lot of thinking...but I don't quiet think that's correct. How do you know if you're doing it right ? Even though I know that there is no "right/wrong"

  13. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    Tanks for posting. Good to have you here.

    Once you start the 10 weeks, even if you quit, you set things in motion that don't stop usually. So even though you quit on week 10, you still should see your body and heart processing things for 3 weeks afterward, or more. There's a 3 week integration period after the 10 weeks are done. I've heard of one other person quitting around week 8 or 9, and then I think maybe one other one might have quit, but I don't remember when. TPP says people bail sometime in week 7-10, I think. Maybe it was weeks 6-10...I forget. It's because when they start doing the hit baths, things can get intense, and sometimes it's triggering more than they think they can handle. The key is to know for certain that you can handle any and all emotional issues that arise. Once you have that confidence, you'll commit to the full 10 weeks and won't drop out. It's kinda like the solution to life, really. If you can deal with any emotions, you can deal with just about everything. Really makes life awesome.

    Felt resonance isn't accessed. It just happens. You don't need to attempt to access it. The best you can do it be 100% confident that you can handle anything that comes along. That will give your heart the confidence it needs to allow the uncomfortable emotions (and their felt resonances) to surface. Then, if you can sit with them enough with no intent to get rid of them, they'll start to integrate. It's all about having faith in yourself, the process, and ultimately the One controlling everything, because He/It will make sure whatever needs to happen will happen exactly as it should. Like TPP says, whatever happens is required. If you quit in Week 10, you were supposed to do so in order to trigger some kind of emotional response, at some point, to integrate, eventually. Don't sweat it. You're doing fine. Can't go wrong.

    You're not doing it wrong...you're just doing it however you can at the moment. I'd say read through the posts here and ask whatever questions you have. We can give you an idea of what you might be able to improve for better results.

    Good luck! Looking forward to hearing your experiences.
  14. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Yeah, I shook when my body was processing fear. Happened for a couple of weeks, I think, every time I went to breathe during my first PP, if I remember correctly. But that's not a felt resonance. I feel vibrations in my body when somethings resonating. Or I'll feel a kind of energy emanating from inside. Hard to describe really. Keep at it and you'll know what they feel like eventually. I didn't feel my first one until Week 7 when I felt some anger come up and I tried to repress it at first. Then I decided to not repress it. Sat with it maybe a minute or so before I felt it integrate. Anger usually doesn't integrate--it gets spent, then the fear and grief get integrated. Anger is a secondary emotion, always used to control someone's fear (repress their fear and grief). Always go for the fear and grief when you can. Grief is the final emotion and the beginning of integration.

    Good luck!
  15. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    You won't find any mentors here, only because there are no mentors in TPP, and wanting a mentor in something like this is often a dysfunctioning emotion wanting a father to love it. You become your own father to the immature, hurting parts of you.

    And remember that you must be immature to become mature. So immaturity isn't just okay, it's required.

    Yes, not doing bath sessions is a big part of TPP not working as well for you. Bath sessions are really cool, because they help you start bringing out the felt resonances.

    Are you male or female? I ask because it helps me understand where a person is coming from.

    Sounds like you're making good progress.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  16. sufferingworld

    sufferingworld Newcomer

    I am male. What you are saying about mentor and father side makes a lot of sense. I still have a lot to process with regards to relationship with my father. But you have triggered a beginning of insight. thanks!

    with regards to the breathing in TPP, can you explain how the breathing should be? in your earlier posts in page 4, you are talking about how TPP breath needs to be quick and deep. For last two rounds and this round too, I have been doing as slow as my lungs allow (which usually is not slow because i am not that deep of a breather) which means it is slightly slower and deeper than most your normal people's breathing. I am not sure how a breath can be both quick and deep? Doesn't deep automatically imply slow?

    about the grief being the final emotion to integrate, i feel the same way too.
  17. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Yeah, each time you move through a dysfunctioning emotion, it'll move from fear to grief, or fear to anger to grief. I skip anger when I can. Sometime it can't be skipped though.

    Just take a quick deep breath--a very quick inhale that's very deep. You'll discover that it's easy to take a deep breath quickly. Now, slow that quick deep breath inhale down a little bit and you'll be at the right pace. About two seconds for the inhale and two seconds for the exhale. I've done different speeds, but that one seems to be a good speed.

    Hope that helps!
  18. Stephenh

    Stephenh New Member

    Thanks Brian for all your help (im sure all the people on here really appreciate you sharing your knowledge I know its really helped me) ill let you know how I get on

  19. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    Hey, try three seconds per inhale and three per exhale. The two seconds is a bit too fast, though TPP used to work a person up to even faster than that. But Michael Brown changed it awhile back to a medium pace.

    If you're male with mother issues, look into your sexual tendencies after you've done a few PPs. Our relationship with our parents is what decides our sexual preferences (preferring male or female or both), and I've seen testimonies of friends of mine and others who've had complete turnarounds on that just from emotional processing. Parents have a huge impact on our shaping in life. But that's one of the deeper issues and takes quite a while to get down to...usually years. I'm still dealing with issues with my parents buried deep. Sexual issues are always about a lack of intimacy with one's self, so they try to get intimacy from outside their self. Once a person gets the internal intimacy and innocence, they don't need a partner anymore, but if the right person comes along, they're fine marrying that person (heterosexual is what everyone ends up as if they do serious emotional processing, but it's tough to end up there...happens naturally, though). Nothing wrong with any sexual preferences, but naturally we are heterosexul. So explore that at some point once you get through more PPs.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2016
  20. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    I forgot to answer someone's question about how my back is better. Well, my posture didn't used to be nearly as straight as it is now, so my mid-back got some strength in it. That was very helpful. I figure my posture will completely straighten up one day, but it's pretty decent now, thankfully.

    My lower back goes back and forth, though. It's a digestive problem where a bunch of shame is buried that I'm trying to get at. I've gotten at some really important chunks of it lately, but there's still tons to go. I received an extra-large helping of shame from my mother, and some from my father, too. So I would expect it to take quite a while to integrate. Michael Brown was 7 years into his emotional work when he did a talk and said, "If I can't finish my emotional work, what hope is there for you?" That's a pretty arrogant statement, actually, because it presupposes that he's smarter and more emotionally intelligent than everyone else trying to learn his method. I don't think he realized that when he said it. A lot of people don't have the walls he has, so it'll actually be easier for those people to "finish" their emotional work more quickly. I don't know that anyone completely finishes their emotional work, but if anyone did, it may have been Brother Lawrence...maybe. That's a good book, by the way. Have to disregard all of the religious terminology and practice, but that's rarely mentioned in the book, and not really touted as the way to achieve connection with self and God. But I don't think Brother Lawrence fully made it...though he was close in many ways. Anyway, I got off track...I meant to say that Michael Brown never finished his emotional work, oddly enough. That's why his father issues come across blatantly in his books and that arrogance that a lot of people see in him. My personality type is fairly similar to his, so I have a particularly difficult path to take to integrate everything. I think a lot of people who create methods of healing usually have a rough road, because they need to be well trained at it. The more one has to deal with, the better they are at teaching others out of experience. Luckily, I worked through the arrogance at some point, so I realize now that there's very little we know for certain in this lif, and as a result, I can't bring myself to say I know anything for sure, save for a very few little things, such as we exist.

    So, all of that to say, just because I still have ask problems doesn't mean you'll have back problems just as long. :) Might be much much quicker for you...or maybe longer. No one knows. But the real key is becoming happy with the back pain so that it doesn't matter if it goes away or not. That's what I encourage. I'm much more accepting of my ailments now than I used to be, and that's really good progress. It makes like a lot more enjoyable.

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