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The Power To Direct My Mind

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I've been in helps for about 13 yrs. now

    I've seen a common denominator in our life - a loss of peace

    I used to call it issues or we have problems to be dealt with

    Then I learned they weren't only external but even more internal

    see "there's still problems to be dealt with but internally"

    this was where it got weird- I thought I had all that under control being a teacher in the mind world
    already for so long but I didn't know that not knowingly I wasn't calm in my spirit.

    id love to see the joys of life in others but when the emotions of fear anger loss and distress lingered I fell victim to it and didn't know why

    id meditate yes but there was a missing point

    I had to catch my self doing these worries while being aware of them and then taking charge and controlling them

    you know the ones you do unintentionally out of habit or belief

    we do it with calming of the spirit and nerves then we can put out the sting
    its like when im at peace on the inside- other factors tend to be at peace too,

    and after finding this secret- why wouldn't you want to learn it and other styles- that's the next step in the journey ya know
    learning how to be at peace with ourselves again, then the secret responds and again even nature is more beautiful and more colorful.

    if a person has survived the tms war
    and learned to live again

    and if that man offered something with accuracy - he's done seen it happen-

    The Dream,

    and then you'll have to accommodate to being the real you again
    you know before you started all this hurry up thinking
    then the muscles tensing and ignoring the bad thoughts.

    living in the past or future, not standing up or just being to hard on yourself

    believing only what you have actually witnessed with your own eyes and not expanding to see the real joys in life at all times

    like the feeling of peace running through your body and the love of the feeling of happiness- truly feeling peace and love emotionally by your own thought patterns on purpose -

    not that the rehabilitation wont take time or that we don't still get angered, remember those muscles or that anxiety will have to be exercised.

    which is about whatever time it takes your body to recondition after you get that uh huh moment

    We have to work our systems hard to maintain this Peace that is a free gift. which becomes even easier as we learn to use the gift better

    it sounds to good to be true but really is it. it is true
    just think of peace and enter in to it now. its a thought away.

    We say things cause were mad at the pain or anxiety
    its those factors that create rage in the subconscious

    I would never believe a man could go through
    all that torture and hell and not be enlightened by it

    to write a book and claim 10,000,000 million cures
    that wouldn't surprise me.

    There's a lot of technologies that aren't from the 90s

    new systems - new styles to add to a better life

    Sarno is always the man who points the direction

    we just try and stir the boat for him- us in helps or pain

    I salute any person that has learned to walk with TMS

    or is on the walk to the cure

    and learned to rid the actions of inaccurate thinking


    see when you just get it- you understand it is your thoughts that are causing the pain whether knowingly or unknowingly

    just in what way or ways

    its according how long its been since
    you discovered the secret mentioned above.

    again the Power To Direct My Mind

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