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The physiological 'signal' calling us to personal development

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by quasar731, May 24, 2012.

  1. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    G'day everyone!

    Today I began to listen to Monte's 'The Master Program'. It was so empowering! I quite like his approach to debunk the subconsciously learned and adopted thoughts and behavioral patterns. I feel that I stepped one notch above from where I was yesterday. It is as if I changed gears all of a sudden...woohoo!! And because of this, the language used until yesterday has changed too.Thank you Monte and thanks to you all for the wonderful postings and encouragement!

    Listening to Monte's explanation about the 'mind strategy' and how it wants to keep us there, imprisoned, it occurred to me that there maybe a different angle to it. ;) How about if 'the signal' (aka pain) is nothing short of a physiological bell calling us to 'personal development'. Because we fail to absorb and process the environmental learnings that life provide us, then a system of warning needs to be created to prompt us to change. There is no doubt that some enlightened soul has already worked this one out and published it. But this positive view of 'the signal' struck me this afternoon after my meditation. No doubt the result of all the information that I have listened to and read. As Monte said, we must move out and away of closed and repressed thoughts and behavioral patterns that lead to physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual oppression.

    So it is official... I am stopping the usage of the terms 'pain, ache or soreness'. I feel that calling it 'a signal', I turn a negative into a positive. I am not celebrating discomforting symptoms but I decided to be thankful and honor the call of my mind and body to shift life paradigms. And, I had a relatively good day with small signals that I was able to question and experienced them fading away.

    A toast for you all to health and happiness!
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  2. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    Yes! Great insight. I think as we pay closer to the signals we get fewer and fewer of them and they become less alarming.
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  3. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    This was so wonderful to hear. If we are not able to change the way to viewo our symptoms, we will not be able to recover. Calling it a signal is the right kind of change needed. It is breaking down the structrual mindset and beginning to think psychological. You are 100% correct in viewing these symptoms as a signal to look inward and figure out what closed and repressed thoughts we have at a given time. As you mentioned, once you begin doing this there is really no need for the symptoms to remain, because their purpose, to distract, is not longer needed.
  4. spiralgirl1

    spiralgirl1 Peer Supporter

    Quasar..I really like your statement....
    Great stuff.. I have not tried to actually change the terminology although I do try to see symptoms as flagging up issues.. but I am going to change my words too..
    mental readjustment.. thank you.
    Much health and happiness to you too!
  5. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    Absolutely! you go girl!
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  6. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    Thank you!
  7. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    Thank you!
  8. Annie

    Annie New Member

    Wow! You have gotten a lot from Monte Hueftle! I read his book, but maybe listening to it would be better. You have such a good attitude. I will try that too. Thank you.
  9. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    Hi Annie, nice to meet you:) . Thank you for your note. Yes, I got a lot of good ideas from listening to Monte. Every time I go out whether driving or for a walk (though lately is a bit hard because my foot has not been cooperative) I take my iPod and listen to Monte's Master Practice. This ensures that the concepts go down and replace some old and entrenched cognitions.

    All the best to you!
  10. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have heard from a couple people that listening to TMS audio books really helps the message sink in to our unconscious. Personally, I have a hard time reading books, but can manage a lot better listening to audio books. If anyone is having trouble getting through a book, see if you can find it as an audiobook. I believe that Dr. Sarno actually provides the audio himself on some of his books. There's nothing better than having Sarno read his book to you to help the message sink in!
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  11. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    Hi Forest, I found that the audiobooks in Audible (the website) are by far less expensive than in iTunes. The only catch is that people have to join Audible to get access to good pricing. I have all of Dr Sarno's books in audio form. I got one in iTunes and the other two in Audible. It is terrific. I go for a walk and listen to him. Also, I have Monte's Master practice so I bounce from one to the other.

    For those interested here is the Audible webpage where all Dr Sarno's books are

    Have a good day.
  12. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I love this post. Thanks guys,

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