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The Pain is Moving

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by VeryHopeful, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. VeryHopeful

    VeryHopeful Newcomer

    I started this recovery program a couple of months ago and have been very slowly making my way through it, taking breaks for travels and to mull over new discoveries in my emotional life. The pain in my back and neck have reduced enough that I was emboldened to undertake long-forgotten and longed-for activities. For example, I love running but stopped it 25 years ago because of the pain it provoked first in my knee and then in my back. After studying a new running gait called natural running, I started jogging lightly a couple of weeks ago. I was delighted that the pain didn't return to my back or knee but it has begin in my right achilles tendon, which is a new pain altogether. I blew out the left achilles 20 years ago and retain vivid memories of that injury. Is this new pain from TMS? Or, is it from the new running gait? Or, both? I laid off running and the pain stopped. Then it started again. So, it behaves like a symptom from TMS.

    Meanwhile, I'm slowly weaning myself of various therapies and rituals for managing the pain in my back. I've not gone to the chiropractor or massage therapist for a long while. That is a visible victory that I focus on to convince myself of the TMS diagnosis. Now I passionately desire to move to the next step. I want to run pain free!
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, VeryHopeful. I encourage you to keep jogging, even if slowly and for a short distance.
    Ignore any pain. That's what Steve Ozanich recommends in his terrific book,
    The Great Pain Deception. He kept on playing golf despite the pain. A combination of TMS knowledge
    and golf healed him of years of severe pain.

    You apparently need to work more on discovering your emotions that cause TMS pain.
    Keep positive, keep doing the SEP, and you'll soon be running again like a teenager.
  3. VeryHopeful

    VeryHopeful Newcomer

    Thanks for the support and book recommendation. I hope you and your "lap dog" / friend are well.

  4. jwiles

    jwiles Peer Supporter

    You sound like you're coming along well. It's good that you're walking again like you want to. The pain has been shifting around for me too and I'm starting to think that it happens for most people recovering from TMS. You'll conquer it
  5. VeryHopeful

    VeryHopeful Newcomer

    Thanks, jwiles, for your kind message. I'm confident you will also conquer it. Blessings and health.

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