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The last time I exercised....

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by runfromit, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. runfromit

    runfromit Newcomer

    ...was this morning. I went for a 15k run. I also ran Friday morning, and Wednesday night. After I read Dr. Sarno's book I have been resuming running even though it is painful. I just keep telling myself there's nothing wrong with me and I'm not going to do any damage.

    I have had so many running injuries that at this point I don't really care any more. The last injury that I thought I had was IT band syndrome which didn't go away after a 2 week rest. I also had some PF pain and old achillies tendonitis pain at the same time. At one point about 3 weeks ago I was standing in the middle of the street talking to myself....are you f'n kidding me you stupid, stupid body. How can I possibly have PF, achillies tendonitis and now IT band all at the same time. This is just dumb.

    This morning's run was less painful than before. The achillies pain is completely gone. The PF pain was less than before and went away after the first few kms (which it always does). The IT band came on around 5k. Then it changed several times during the run. It would go away, then return above the knee, then behind, then below, then go away again. I was more observing how interesting it was that it moved around like that.
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    ..and eventually it will just go. I am not a runner, but it was during a run that I had my 'breakthrough' with TMS and conditioning. I had been told I risked paralysis if I ever even JOGGED again. I had just finished reading HBP and was on my usual therapy 'walk' and my pain was still there. I was pissed because I intellectually understood it, but my symptoms were unchanged.

    It occurred to me that I had only began this 'walking' BS as part of my pain management therapy. I used to ride my bike on that track and sometimes run it, but I had never walked it. That was for Old people and trophy wives.

    I immediately broke into a sprint. I kept it up for a couple of hundred yards... the world didn't end and I wasn't healed, but I wasn't any worse either. I went home, got out my weights, threw away the support belt, went to the batting cages and began riding my bike again (all former no-no's) Lots of 'discussions with my brain' like the one you describe. Been pain free ever since. That was '99

    it really works.
  3. srton

    srton Well known member

    I'm going to the gym now - thank you both for these posts. They are good reminders that I need to go about my buisness.

    -- as you said, Baseball65 -- the world wont end and I won't be healed but I wont be any worse either, and I'll know that I've done something good for my body and good for my mind (endorphins!!!).

    Thank you again -- everyone's posts help me so much!!!
  4. runfromit

    runfromit Newcomer

    I will continue to run as I work through this program. The world won't end....that's a good mantra to think about. Today I cancelled my physio appointments and tossed my PF night splint.

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