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The Imagination-itll lift you up

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    You have been using your imagination to program your mind your entire life
    like the first time you saw that awesome car on TV and then you went out and imagined
    you were driving it with your hot wheels set, then you got older and you went on to get a car
    and your hands rested on the wheel of a real car.
    When you went through school you imagined the day you'd graduate and then that day came to pass
    it was surreal cause you'd thought about it so many times.
    Those things first occurred in your mind.
    We also use our imagination in ways that don't help us
    such as when you imagine you lack confidence, or when you imagine your always stressed out
    or when you imagine the pain will never leave cause someone told you so and you imagined it.
    Now that imagination has caused a habit of stress, a habit of loss, a habit of conditioned pain.
    Using your imagination in these ways doesn't help a thing, it hinders and
    causes false beliefs that only you can change....
    The reason most people cant succeed with getting what they
    want is because your using your imagination wrong.
    The correct way to use your imagination is to use it to focus on what you want.
    When you focus on what you want you are programming your mind to get exactly what you want
    but if your focus is on the stress and pain and discomfort , impatience and time
    then you are programming your mind to get more stress - more pain - more impatience
    and the endless loop of doubt and despair keeps returning exactly what your putting in.
    In the bible it says if we believe and doubt then we cant expect to get what were praying for or what were wanting to come to pass- a lot of wisdom there
    See if were going to get better and lose the pain then while were in pain and full of stress
    we have to take Sarnos to good to be true news and believe it with your imagination and visualize yourself happy, healthy and strong long before we ever get what were imaging
    its these thoughts of victory that will start to make new neural pathways that will eventually lead to
    our success story's- I don't believe any of us are going to be 100% confident when we first hear
    of this miracle called Tms healing- its when we stay course and make a habit of believing
    then we start to slowly see changes occur and it builds our confidence, then we grow little by little and then by leaps and bounds toward our recovery till you too have your success story under your belt- I really believe we get what we put in so do it with all you got and sometimes that all might just be standing up for the first time in years just to show ourselves that we can do it
    We are stronger that we ever imagined and nothing is impossible to those that believe
    learn today to have more focus on your healing-
    Learn today to never give up again, it takes a while and really its nothing compared to the time
    you have spent going in the wrong direction. You can achieve freedom from almost anything
    if you can believe it , you can achieve it.
    It starts in your imagination, you've went long enough with that pain , that depression
    now its time to join the success stories right here at Tmswiki and imagine a life filled with happiness.
    Were always going to have our ups and downs but its how we respond to those ups and downs that makes the difference. Decide today to be a difference maker and enjoy the true life that you had planned all along....
    hope this lifts you up....
    God bless
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  2. myg

    myg New Member

    This makes a lot of sense.

    So I get the idea that it is important to visualize what I want to happen, and that by visualizing, I can make it happen. But how do I know when I am believing it for real? I can try to believe the positive outcome, but how do I know that my unconscious mind isn't undermining me and believing just the opposite of what my conscious mind believes?
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  3. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi myg, glad you ask-
    In the same way that we can imagine, feel , talk about and so on something bad happening and it does
    we can do the same with good things too and they will happen- its actually the law of attraction
    at work - the subconscious will pick up on your emotions of hope and belief as good as it will pick on the vibrations
    of doubt and despair-
    if you feed your conscience mind thoughts of winning and overcoming any situation
    after a bit of time and the law of habit sits in the subconscious will go to work to bring to pass
    exactly what your hoping for-
    if your hoping it will happen but really doubting and just saying your hoping the subconscious will pick up on
    your most dominate emotion and give you that return- you cant fool your mind body
    if your adding your desire or intended outcome with a powerful emotion such as hope, love, peace and patience
    then youe subconscious will pick up that vibration and lead you to bring it to pass
    if you keep doubtful thoughts and say you are believing when really youre waiting to see if just wishing will do it
    the subconscious will pick up that and youll receive nothing
    to make this short if you have a desired outcome, a goal , a need , a want and you have a passion and desire to see it come to pass
    with the added emotions of faith, love peace or hope you will get what you lookin for
    these laws have been proven over and over by the giants of thought in our time
    From napoleon hill -to the book the secret and the law of attraction - it works in that way
    I added this post of the imagination cause I went years thinking that if I just believed it would all come together
    well I also doubted ya know and that didn't help
    I got the key of using the imagination with the passion and desire mixed with faith and patience from Andrew carnigie and Thomas Edison
    napoleon hill and so many more
    I finally got it when I use my mind to heal my own body some time ago
    now as I said I mix what im hoping for with passion and determinship mixed with faith and hold this thought and emotional pattern actually seeing and believing it in my imagination-
    at first till you build it up through the law of habit you will waver but stay course and in due time your seed or need
    will start to grow.
    thanks, bless you
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  4. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    So true. I think it's really easy to "see if just wishing will do it" ... but it's not enough to wish for it, you have to work for it. It's just like you said, you have to add those strong emotions like hope and passion and determination to the mix in order to make real change.
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  5. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    You're a natural Becca,
    I know as I said above , I believed and always kelp a smile and was pretty congruent with it
    but deep inside there was this feeling that nothing was changing and I know now that was
    the poison that held me back,
    I know this seems so hard for some folks..... its not... there's a key here
    that key is the law of habit
    at first I didn't get how I could doubt and believe at the same time
    its a dilemma I think that's on the minds of millions of people
    heres the way - just like we learn to ride a bike and build that habit
    at first as kids we get on the bike go about ten feet and fall down
    then with determination we pick the bike back up and go for another spin
    and we go about 20 feet then we swerve and catch the ground with our feet
    then we go back the next day and we do it again just to fall once again
    and in pure desire , and passion to ride that bike even though weve fallen several times
    we pick it right back up again - this time we ride to the end of the block and the excitement
    gives us new found powers - a new strength that we just didn't know we had
    and off to the races we go- Emotion is added and we get darn good at that bike riding and really we don't forget
    over time- we just find new adventures and mountains to climb-
    it seems to me this is how we win the battle of tms healing, like steveo in his book
    he wasn't giving up and we need not throw away our confidence or desire
    for a great reward is coming if we stay course- we have lots of those miracles right here in the success story forum
    aint it sweet to be a part of this at a time when our world really needs this hope- its awesome indeed
    one more thing to complete this thought , as long as the power to win over rides
    the thoughts of doubt and despair, we'll win
    thank you so much becca
    God bless
  6. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    Eric, only you would be able to look at something as simple as learning to ride a bike and make it so utterly poignant :)

    There's little in this world, I think, that you can truly accomplish or succeed at without having some passion or at the least some dedication. Those who say otherwise, I think, haven't truly succeeded.
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