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Book The Great Pain Deception

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Enrique, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    You're welcome honey, badger.

    Meme transfer is common, and human. I wrote quite a bit more on it in BPPH. We reflect what we see from others which is why "the cure" is so dangerous in things like breast cancer. The matrix gives us what we seek so we have to be selective in our thinking.

    Let me know how The Great Pain Deception comes out, I'm hoping Steve heals and gets the girl in the long run.

  2. honey badger

    honey badger Peer Supporter

    That is really interesting. I had not heard of meme transfer before. Is BPPH in your book? I don't think I came across meme transfer yet, but if it's there, I'm sure to read it.

    Spoiler alert! I had not considered that he'd/you'd get the girl in the end! That's very good news. I'm with him in the depths of the deepest of despairs right now, and can see a glimmer of light as he has finally found Dr. Sarno's work. I very much look forward to the rest. Thank you for all your work Steve.

    By the way, I'd like to mention that I have a friend who was recently operated for a frozen shoulder. She fits the TMS personality perfectly, and I tried to no avail to have her read Sarno's work before the operation (I hadn't discovered your book yet). Frozen shoulder is actually a term that appears on your cover and I've been tempted to have her simply look at the cover and maybe she'd consider reading it. But I must tread lightly because since the operation went well, and she's feeling good about her choice to go under the knife, I think she'll be upset if I keep harping on the reading material. Surprisingly, another colleague is in the early stages of this frozen shoulder thing as well. It looks like this affliction is gaining popularity and momentum! Interesting that they're both women. Thank you again Steve.
  3. Click#7

    Click#7 Well known member

    Ordered it yesterday and can't wait for it to be delivered.
  4. Lavender

    Lavender Well known member

    Mine arrived last week and I can't believe I waited this long to order it. I suppose my expectancy was low because I have read and fully applied the contents of most of the others without results during my 7 year haul.
    However, I am on page 90 of "The Great Pain Deception" and have taken notes wherever I read of anything that resonates with my experiences. The list is growing. One can only have compassion for what the author has gone through, and gratitude that he has turned his trials and his victories into helping others.
    Gradually, and by identifying with his symptoms, I think I might finally gain the full and necessary confidence that this pain is not structural.
  5. honey badger

    honey badger Peer Supporter

    I am reading it on kindle and I can't get enough of it. SteveO, if you're there, I had a long hearty laugh when I read the part about TMSers being info addicts and big time googlers. I love to google info. It has really surprised me that this is another common trait in Type T personalities.

    I have a question that requires clarifying. One part that I've had issues in understanding is the part when you mention in your book the law of attraction as it relates to cancer and cancer screening. Am I understanding correctly that you think checking for cancer (self-breast exams, and pap smears, for example) is in a way 'calling' cancer to us? Did I understand that right? Do you suggest that we do less of these? And, do you have any studies or articles that supports this? Thanks in advance!
  6. MKMissy

    MKMissy New Member

    Thanks, Forest, for merging these threads.

    The Great Pain Deception by Steve Ozanich gets the full five stars from me! As Steve mentioned the importance of posting reviews on Amazon, I will do that at some point, though it will be difficult to keep it brief! I read it on my Kindle at the end of last year, after reading his second book, Back Pain: Permanent Healing.

    Well, if I had to restrict my comments on the GPD to one sentence, it would be that (in my view) this is the most comprehensive, informative, helpful and illuminating book on the subject of mindbody disorders I have read. (And goodness knows, I've read a lot!). I highly recommend reading it if you've read Dr Sarno's ‘Healing Back Pain’, which is a good introduction to TMS, and want to gain a better understanding of how you've managed to become a TMSer, or still have some doubt about whether your pain is in fact due to TMS (It is, by the way!).

    I must say, reading it is a bit of an undertaking - though I was gripped enough by it to keep reading into the early hours on a number of occasions :) Steve has done all the research for the reader, basically, and there are so many great quotations and references that it's actually a useful resource from which you can go off piste (as it were!) and further explore works by the other writers mentioned. I’ve now bought a number of books and CDs/MP3s which I’m finding very helpful in my healing, as a result of Steve saying he had used them.

    The book had me in tears at times, but also many more times in fits of giggles due to Steve's subtle and very quirky sense of humour :) And, as I discovered in the book, laughter is a potent natural remedy for TMS pain. There are way too many points in the book that really resonated with me to be able to list them here, but, amongst them were: Early separation anxiety (particularly the significance of 26 months); cognitive dissonance; and personality types (The Type T/INFP types particularly. I can say with confidence I'm far more of a 'whole T' than an 'A whole' :) You'll just have to read the book to find out what I'm on about!).

    Rather than waffle on here endlessly about my ‘journey’ so far (which started a year ago reading a mini book on back pain by Dr Don Colbert), I’ll update my story on my profile page later. I’ll end this by saying that I consider Steve (via this book) and Georgie Oldfield in the UK (with whom I had an initial assessment) to be primarily responsible for my changed mindset and the improvement I’ve experienced in my health so far. Thank you, Steve!

    And, Honey Badger, I had to find the definition of 'meme', as I'd never heard of it either. Steve actually devotes a whole chapter, called 'What did you meme by that?' to memes. I'm sure you've read it by now :)
  7. honey badger

    honey badger Peer Supporter

    MKMissy, You have highlighted some excellent points from the Great Pain Deception. I totally agree with you on them being major take-aways. And I too echo your sentiment of how thorough and comprehensive his research is. On a few occasions, I have wondered if Steve is a doctor (I know he's not) because he shares so much great information and with such depth, and even includes stories of clients that he has helped (as a pain consultant), so it's really quite impressive. I did the same as you, read Dr. Sarno's Healing Back Pain which impacted me right away, and then picked up the Divided Mind. But years later, when my pain returned, I have read Steve's and I agree that it goes a really long way in explaining the mechanics of TMS, the personality type of TMSers, and oh my goodness, so, SO much more.

    I have been reading the GPD for a while now. I pick it up in the evening before bed and read a few pages. I have wondered how it is that I haven't finished it yet (I'm at 71% on my kindle) but I love the feeling that I haven't come to the end of it, because it means I get to keep reading it! I'm in no hurry to finish it. I'm at a point now where he's talking about Michael J. Fox and his view on pain. It is a section in the book that is really making me think differently about pain. Here's a quote: "Pain is pushing us toward an inner truth --more content and aware." And here's another one I love, "Like cancer -- pain is not the enemy -- we can create it if we need it. Illness is feedback regarding our deepest unmet needs." Sentences like that inspire me to have a different relationship with my pain, which Alan G. is often talking about, instead of making it the enemy and hating it. I will be sad when I finish the book!

    Like you, I too have marked some titles that he mentions and have downloaded some free samples of those books on kindle, to try them out later. What a great resource! I'm glad you've reminded me to write a review on Amazon. The book certainly deserves a great one!
  8. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    To answer the question about "pulling cancer to us" the answer is yes. It goes well beyond what we mean when we talk about TMS but Dr. Sarno hit on aspects of it in his own work. I didn't haphazardly put anything in GPD without checking on multiple sources, where I could. I spoke with authors, scientists, researchers, college professors(emeritus), TMS docs, etc. I think what you're referring to in the Law of Attraction is mainly from Lipton's work as well as Simonton's, but it comes from the Divine Matrix, or Law of Abraham, and has been called other things through the millennia. But the point is the same, we attract what we focus on, and we can reverse the process through belief. Defensive medicine has surely caused more harm than lives it has saved. I would also add "evidence based medicine" to the pile of meaninglessness because cause and effect prove very little. In Matthew 7:7 and in Luke it says "seek and you will find." John Wheeler was a genius in understanding this, so is Lipton though, and of course Jesus was the one.

    The Consciousness Matrix pulls what we seek, and if we look for cancer obsessively we find more of it. Wheeler once said that he had no doubt that we would find more planets because we're looking for them, and in 2016 we discovered more. But not because we are better at searching, because we are looking. I had my own experience with this matrix in many forms, and ways. If we obsess, we get, if we seek we find.

    MKMissy I hope you see a little deeper after GPD and that it helps you in some form. I can see that we all move in different ways depending on what we need. Some folks just need a boost, others need to connect, some need clarification, some need a complete overhaul, and others need a good spanking. However we all need love which is the missing piece in every TMSer. I certainly loved Dr. Sarno and haven't quite recovered yet. But I feel that he is closer now than ever before.

  9. MKMissy

    MKMissy New Member

    Yeah, SteveO, the GPD has made a huge difference to my life. This isn't the place to go into it, but I learned so much about myself, including identifying some situations in my childhood (which I believed was happy with very loving parents) that likely caused me to develop a TMS-prone personality. As I've had my back pain for 30 years, I've also learned to relax and not worry about how long it's taking to heal. As you didn't need psychotherapy, I'm less concerned that I must be one of the 5% who needs it! I'm one of the folk who need a complete overhaul though, I would say (not the spanking!). I've still got a long way to go.

    I think you've hit the nail on the head re needing love. I'm so grateful for God's unconditional love, but I'm hoping I'll be like one of the people you talked about in the book who fell in love, at which point her symptoms left! On a serious note, your affection for Dr Sarno came through strongly in the book - He pretty much saved your life after all, so it's no surprise that you're still mourning the loss. Hopefully you can take some comfort in the knowledge that you're very much continuing what he began. And, although it's happening too slowly for our liking, there are positive signs that attitudes are beginning to change. We just have to not be weary in spreading the good news of hope :)

    Thanks again for your positive input.
    Sally :)
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