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The Brain David Eagleman on PBS

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by andy64tms, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    Visiting TMSr Andy.

    The Brain, David Eagleman PBS.


    Some of you may have seen this program on PBS. The episode last week focused on the sub conscious and how much of our lives run on auto pilot. It ties in with TMS very well and demonstrates how habits are formed, how we can become skilled with practice and other things of this nature.

    Towards the end of the program I was really surprised when the word TMS came up. This was the other TMS - “Transcranial magnetic stimulation”, some of you may have come across this website in error. The subject of “free will’ came up, and a demonstration was given using the TMS equipment where a subject-person being tested, stated his arm was controlled against his will. This could have been faked I know, but my mind wondered to the future where we would go to the doctor to have our pains switched off, Sci-Fi indeed.

    I am quite cynical at times and realized this would be impossible because:

    1. The pharmaceutical companies, fearing this new treatment, would buy up the patent and shelve it, thus avoiding drugs becoming obsolete.

    2. The Federal governments would find a way of taxing this treatment for revenue.

    3. The despots of the world steal the patent and use the technology to mind control their armies.
    I have a question regarding free will? It was stated that we only have 20% and 80% of our mind is sub-conscious. Is this true? If so I need to go windsurfing NOW.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    LOL, Andy!

    I saw that program last week, and it was certainly interesting, although some of the case studies were a little disturbing, but perhaps that's because I'm in a rather stressful time right now, and feeling a little fragile. But I tell you, this topic is taking off everywhere these days. Radiolab and the Ted Radio Hour (both weekly on NPR stations) are almost exclusively about neuroscience topics anymore. I love both of those shows.

    Okay, off you go, NOW! :joyful:

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