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The Book of Job and How it Relates to MBS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by jrid32, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. jrid32

    jrid32 Peer Supporter

    If you are a Bible reader and need some good ole affirmations (does MBS exist), go read the Book of Job.

    "One of the lessons we learn from the Book of Job is startlingly modern in its implications. It is evident that there is practically no suffering which can be called exclusively physical, and similarly there is very little which can be designated as specifically mental or spiritual. We are living today in times which are witnessing the exodus of what had been called "machine-age medicine". In place of this outmoded therapy, we see the progress of the psychosomatic concept, the view that there is an intimate connection between emotional conflict and physical illness. Modern psychological and psychiatric investigation had revealed that there is a close link between emotional conflict or derangement and physical illness, and this discovery only serves to reinforce the conclusions reached long ago in Scripture that man is a personality rather than a mere body."

    http://orcsbible11-12.wikispaces.com/job (Old Testament Overview - job)
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  2. fbcoach

    fbcoach Peer Supporter

    Thank you for sharing this. It was much appreciated.
  3. Lavender

    Lavender Well known member

    Very interesting .
    On the lighter side....
    The Book of Job could be subtitled. "With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
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