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thankyoudrsarno.org site updated for better mobile performance

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by Forest, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi folks, the next time you visit the Thank You, Dr. Sarno site, you may notice that it has a new look. The reasons for this is that the site was not designed for smart-phones and tablets and had to be redesigned to be more mobile friendly.

    Things were coming to a head because Google has announced that on April 21, it will start penalizing sites that aren't mobile friendly. The idea is that 30% of all web traffic is on mobile devices, and if a site isn't mobile friendly, then they don't want to send mobile traffic to that site. That is a serious issue for us because a core part of how we spread the message about TMS is via search engines. If Google stops sending as much traffic to www.thankyoudrsarno.org, then the website won't be able to spread the word about Dr. Sarno's amazing contributions and how he has given so many people their lives back.

    Most web sites depend on traffic from Google as a core part of how they stay in business, so some sites were even referring to the April 21 deadline as the "mobile SEO-pocalypse!" (SEO just stands for "Search Engine Optimization" - it's the study of how to optimize your site so that search engines like Google send you more traffic.) I think that calling it an SEO-pocalypse is taking it a bit far, but there's no doubt that when Google speaks, we need to stand up and take notice.

    With web development, updating things is either fairly easy or very hard and luckily this was one of the easier things. The site is now updated with a more current look that is fully mobile friendly. I've had Google re-scan the site, and they report that it is now mobile friendly. The so-called mobile SEO-pocalypse has been averted!

    Here's the site if you want to check it out:
    The site includes directions on how to submit your own story if you're interested. It's a great way to share with the world how much his work has helped you.

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