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Terrific new podcast from Curable

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by JanAtheCPA, Jul 19, 2023.

  1. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    You don't have to be a Curable subscriber to listen to their podcast series, Like Mind Like Body, and I highly recommend this one. As you can see from the information I received below, there are two very distinct and powerful topics. The first one is a vital aspect of the social justice movement. The second is powerful advice for self compassion.

    There's a link at the bottom to listen to it on their website, but you can also get it in your favorite podcast app.

    Recharge, Reframe, and Reclaim Your Life From Pain

    Learn about the impacts of racism, the importance of rest, and more

    Does race play a role in chronic pain? How can rest help in the healing process? What is a 'vitalizing spiral,' and could it be the key to long-term recovery?

    Join Christie Uipi, Founder of the Better Mind Center, and Benita Jackson, PhD, MPH, for a wide-ranging conversation about the next wave of chronic pain research.

    Tune in to hear:
    • A summary of a new research paper linking racism with the development of chronic pain

    • How to accept and embrace rest as an important part of the healing process
    • How to break out of unhelpful thought patterns
    Listen to the Episode

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